Persona 4 – Teddie has a panic attack

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

What sort of CAH-RAZY hijinx will Teddie get himself into this time?!
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25 Responses to “Persona 4 – Teddie has a panic attack”

  1. donecaan says:


  2. MyEldest says:

    Laughing-fit GO!

  3. 10zaq10returns says:

    Go kintoki-panic attack!

  4. thesilversupporter says:

    lol dis is gr8

  5. CrombieTheZombie says:

    @Seer241 Like I said, there’s easier ways to do those exact things without having to have a support character. The game could just automatically keep track of the enemy data without support characters. You could even say the main character him/herself is keeping track of the data, if it has to be someone in the party keeping track. There really isn’t much point to the support characters.

  6. Seer241 says:

    @CrombieTheZombie But how will you know what affects who? Remember, the support character(s) keep track of what affects what enemies, along with their HP and SP. It’s a good thing to have support characters around, really.

  7. RobloxMario says:

    The cause:
    “GAWD DAMN I got pwned by the Hama/Mudo spammers again.”

  8. Springmaus2007 says:

    He just found out about the exams at school.

  9. CrombieTheZombie says:

    Rise didn’t really bother me that much, but I think that the next Persona should get rid of the support characters. They really don’t do much from a gameplay point of view to justify them being there. I mean sure, Relaxing Wave and that one ability Fuuka got that let you teleport out of Tartarus (Escape Route?), but both of those abilities weren’t around for most of the game and could be replaced in different ways (Hell, Fuuka’s ability was replaced by Goho-M in 4 anyway)

  10. Rassiel13 says:

    @CrombieTheZombie the argument could be made about the OTHER support Female in the cast. giggles and screeches wear on your nerves after a while

  11. rpgguy999 says:


  12. 14animeluv says:

    LMAO!!! 4 sho!

  13. TheFenrir666 says:

    haha this made me laugh a lot =]

  14. BLERGY says:

    This made me giggle. XDDD

  15. PhilDeFrancoFTW says:

    Oh my DAYS XD

  16. ArisatoMinatoXXII says:

    the audio isn’t that bad. the voices all fit together and make sense so nice job.

  17. Tr3s3ntos says:

    Bearpile on the enemy!!!!Uwaroaaaaaaaaaaarrrr!!
    Rise>hang on guys there 4 more to go!

  18. MuffinsAPlenty says:

    Momentai, Teddie!

  19. BonkuriTokio112 says:

    Oh NOOOOO!

  20. Lexyim says:

    We’re DOOMED! The world as we know it has ended! D:

  21. BonkuriTokio112 says:


  22. dimastrength says:

    i don’t believe Kakashi’s VA can like this!

  23. BeatenByCats says:

    it’s funny and it does’nt suck… ^^ and the audio is not horrible

  24. devaloki says:

    hahahahhaha, that’s what i thought he would do during the game too! 5 stars! lol

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