5 | How To Reduce Anxiety My Story

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  1. sembaranglahify says:

    Oh hey! Have you thought about anxiety zero technique (It is at Ive heard some awesome things about it and my father pretty much cured anxiety with it.

  2. xciangu says:

    believed in this a lot

  3. krexparadon says:

    hav to sub your channel

  4. hritovaxi says:

    Good presentation…

  5. plientkarrys says:

    reduced my anxiety

  6. martinblosser says:

    thanks for vid..

  7. spradeepify says:

    Got a lot of information

  8. bidnicer says:

    it worths a subcription

  9. mockmalgs says:

    No words!!!

  10. dringaroses says:

    rated 5/5 to this one

  11. reversehandle says:

    really awseome yaar!!

  12. rahl0182012 says:

    you are amazing? 🙂

  13. coyote363198 says:

    your videos are better than movies from Hollywood !!!?

  14. hindustr says:

    what are you doing on youtube? go contact hollywood!

  15. MrLynnetillMan says:

    you’re full of epicness

  16. linus1079 says:

    holy crap that was some amazing editing

  17. reverendpatharris says:

    you’re so different and funny

  18. suelogn says:

    hey dude u r awesome

  19. Windmag300 says:

    your videos are amazing you should make a movie

  20. 1mjhackett says:

    nice videos

  21. blossoMras says:

    I love these types of videos

  22. ThePeanutsmom8 says:

    Can’t believe you have so many good videos!

  23. thormud171 says:

    Nice editing!

  24. dawndacooLest says:

    i have faith in you man

  25. thefoxfarm says:

    I love your videos man! you got my sub.

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