Robotwars Extreme Grudge Match X-Terminator vs Panic Attack

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (23)

Robotwars Extreme Grudge Match X-Terminator vs Panic Attack.
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23 Responses to “Robotwars Extreme Grudge Match X-Terminator vs Panic Attack”

  1. HeyIts Izzy says:

    I know Paul Lewis on there. He is my friends dad!! 

  2. Timmyboy505 says:

    I think the later Ex Terminator would have defeated Panick Attack that Disc
    was so strong 

  3. MRacer001 says:

    @Robotwarsmad also if you notice the spike is too high to actually hit
    panic attack at all.

  4. FLAME4564 says:

    lawl XD hah sore loosers? hah more like vengance for damage caused to one
    of killalot’s arms Killalot: i concur XD

  5. blackbird1230 says:

    Loved Panic Attack, so characterful, great driver also. The last and best
    of the box robots of the first generation.

  6. Keurgui1 says:

    also why’d you add a spike on your bot?

  7. 1RobotWarsIsTheBest1 says:

    pannic attack dominated!!! jak3mathews, x-terminator could probably with
    luck defeat pannic attack gold, but that means zx-terminator can only
    defeat he worst untested version of pannic attack! and yeah why did they
    add a spike, they couldn’t self right????????????????????????

  8. Mechavrore says:

    De entrance was a short clip shown every time a bot enterd the arena made
    in the beginning of the season. X-terminator changed the whole tournament.
    The lump and scoop where in the arena in the mayhem. Check it out =)

  9. Garfie489 says:

    Is it me or has this match been edited wrong, X-Terminator enters with the
    scoop, and then changes to a spike :p

  10. Chris Wilko says:

    I missed Phillipa when they brought her in.

  11. Nye O'Neil says:

    totally one sided, Panic Attack had the match totally under control

  12. Nick Westerveld says:

    Wtf when X-terminator drove in the arena they had a scoop on the front.
    When the two are waiting for the fight to start it has a spike.

  13. Jacob Wigley says:

    panic attack kicked his ass!

  14. ThisIsAFakeAccount says:

    panic attack is a damn good machine. probably the most reliable of all
    robots. btw wat the hell is with xterminators spike?

  15. Toffeehammer says:

    I love Panic Attack, that’s why I wasn’t so upset when they beat my
    favorite Mortis in series 2. They deserved it.

  16. Toffeehammer says:

    Anything can beat Panic Attack Gold to be fair.

  17. kristal g.lang says:

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  18. Darklord666123 says:

    in the Robot’s intoduction, X-Terminator had a slight raise in its
    structure towards the back, in the battle, it was flat….

  19. darkdialgafan2009 says:

    panic attack rulez!

  20. Liam Bryant says:

    I think the reason for adding an extra spike was probably to inflict extra
    damage, but then again, the team should of thought about adding the spike
    before the fight with PA

  21. ohargreaves says:

    Being honest, Kronic did flip over & immobilize Panic Attack Gold. ROCS
    didn’t beat PA Gold though.

  22. Keurgui1 says:

    you guys will face defeat when?

  23. IndianaJoel93 says:

    Julia Reed is a saucy minx

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