Rock Band 2 Expert Vocals: Panic Attack FC 100% At Gamestop CoD MW2 Midnight Release [HD, 720p]

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*Sponsorship*’s Rock Band videos are sponsored by: RockBandParts – Roadie Music Game Gear – http *Links* Facebook: Twitter: Stream: Homepage: *Video Notes* First I want to thank the staff at Gamestop for giving me the opportunity to set up and play Rock Band with a lot of different games from around my area. They have, by a mile, the coolest and most knowledgeable Gamestop staff I’ve come across. That store is located at 1009 Blowing Rock Blvd Lenoir, NC 28645 Secondly, I wanted to thank the gamers who played the other instruments and the crowd of people who participated in the video. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the vid. Listen to the hecklers in the crowd for some laughs. *Video Credits* Starring: Stephen Fox — Camerawork: Braiden Burgess —

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25 Responses to “Rock Band 2 Expert Vocals: Panic Attack FC 100% At Gamestop CoD MW2 Midnight Release [HD, 720p]”

  1. MrMike0113 says:

    After a shaky start, the drummer actually did quite well. He hit some pretty good stuff.

  2. ivanha1 says:

    Billtvshow does alot of skits such as: “Ants on a log”, or “Balut”, wich involves alot of puking.

  3. l0Peace0l says:

    @PaintballingBMXer No.. dude.
    Girl + Girl + Girl + Girl + Girl = Lesbian fivesome clan.

  4. gamerboy49 says:

    Gosh! This is such a hard song ever in Rockband 2!

  5. paladin1352 says:

    That’s ALOT of virgins…..

  6. Koolkid736 says:

    this video was reccomended to me cause i watched “vomit/puke pictures” WTF?!

  7. ciiker says:


  8. Megatallica1821 says:

    @jr199061 Or Peace Sells, by Megadeth. hah.

  9. 0wn4g3str3 says:

    @jr199061 Its opinion..

  10. passion4drums says:

    @jr199061 oh fuck no.

  11. luxors1919 says:

    The people in the background are so fucking annoying hehe

  12. chaveznieves says:

    hell. no.

  13. jr199061 says:

    @chaveznieves ur fucking retarded the best song in rock band is painkiller by judas priest

  14. ISesseriI says:

    I think I am better than that guitar player by a bit, considering my 5 stars on Chiron and Two weeks, which are filled with shredding. Even 5 stars on Green Grass and High tides.

  15. DiazRemington says:

    Anyone try this cure for Panic Attacks? Hear my Story Here.. ** badanxiety . info

  16. ilybby1122334 says:

    I love this frickin’ song.
    & Your voice is beast.
    Keep it up. (:

  17. 1222narutofan says:

    The drumer suck I can do that song

  18. NightTimesRevenge says:

    the drummer is pretty talented tho he comboed that outro for drums and thats a mean feat to do.

  19. NightTimesRevenge says:

    i bet ya that he just asked if anyone could play panic attack on expert lol. so random.

  20. OctaviusSH says:

    all you can hear is that douchebag in the back yellin “he on da guitar.” “dis iz mai band yo”

  21. OneGreatDude80 says:

    wow guitarist sucks bassist suck and i could do a LOT better

  22. 0blaze says:

    wow, your playmates sucks really hard.
    Even my sister could do it better.

    but you rock man

  23. KingOfScreams says:

    0:30 there is just another punk little kid ruining my video games..

  24. deathangel119 says:

    best game in Rock Band 2 period lol and cmon give them something at least they passed it =D

  25. kevinisonfirehelp says:

    Lol the drummer bassist and guitarist suck xD

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