Rock Band 2 – Panic Attack – Full Band 100% (FBFC)

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

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25 Responses to “Rock Band 2 – Panic Attack – Full Band 100% (FBFC)”

  1. Brett M. says:

    needs moar cowbell.

  2. Jack Gentry says:

    I don’t even wanna know how many tries this took.

  3. undeadprogamer says:

    wow this is amazing i can do all on guitar just not solo

  4. James Turrisi says:

    That was Awesome!!!!!

  5. CheetahirTheMasterOfHell says:

    Blind Ben Breen doned this! Trust me please.

  6. Dewayne Thomas says:

    fake as fuck wow

  7. Andrey Shoor says:

    I can’t find that song in my RB2 library, as can’t I Chop Suey by SOAD. Wtf
    is wrong with my disc?

  8. Nick Barrie says:

    yeah the guitar and bass were hard during the organ and guitar solo parts.
    the drums were hard during the whole song.

  9. Jordan Klamczynski says:

    I hope you’re aware of how different rockband is from real instruments.

  10. scottishcreek says:

    The verse is in 5/8 by the way

  11. 123321jasen says:

    sounds like she is holding her nose and mumbling sounds like im taking a

  12. Lancairkris says:

    d: The bassist is a bot guys! ERG got the first ever fbfc off this and off
    the full game d:

  13. Lasagnaviking says:

    On drums I can do everything 100% except 3:14 and 7:13. Still working at it

  14. Joe Swosinski says:


  15. James Schoch says:


  16. MetalRage96 says:

    The reason for that is because the person recording is playing online, and
    when you play online with other people, it doesn’t show them actually
    pressing the buttons, but in reality, they actually are pressing the
    buttons before the actual notes. The game just doesn’t show it when you
    play online. It’s weird but yeah.

  17. cfletcher55520 says:

    to be honest this song isnt a very good song in determining how could
    someone is. But the quality is fine.

  18. luke m says:

    i’m so sick by flyleaf?

  19. DreamTheater1101 says:

    Dream Theater, hell yeah!

  20. MustacheMan55 says:


  21. Anthony Mora says:

    that had to be be some kind of record that was AMAZING!!!!!!

  22. pieisgood117 Gaming says:

    Judging by the fact, I am not dissing anyone, I am just saying, that many
    people may suspect bots for the bassist since frets aren’t held down in
    advance, only the second the note passes the box. I am not saying a bot was
    used, I am just saying that many people may suspect/

  23. Nippon254 says:

    where i click to like 100 times?

  24. ghfellan94 says:

    No it wasn’t that one either :(((( Thanks though 😀

  25. sman711 says:

    Sad that they dont play anymore :/

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