Rock Band 3 – Dream Theater – Panic Attack – 100% FC – Expert Guitar w/Hands

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Rock Band 3 (Rock Band 2 Import) – Dream Theater – Panic Attack – 100% FC – Expert Guitar with hands Yaaay =) It took me like 2 hours (lol) to FC this… why…

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25 Responses to “Rock Band 3 – Dream Theater – Panic Attack – 100% FC – Expert Guitar w/Hands”

  1. MoldyTaco says:

    How do you know when to strum

  2. Dennis Miltenburg says:

    100%? Hell no you made a lot of mistakes LOL. 

  3. David Davids says:

    haha dang dude!!! awesome!! i can play the song on guitar but this still
    scares me

  4. Lemmy Winks says:

    so smooth, I always die at 73%

  5. USSRBawbagCanoe says:

    Nick…. Do me a favor please man, Give me your Rock band guitar skills D:

  6. NSCGalaxy says:

    i want to learn how to play the bass guitar just to play the intro

  7. JuggaloSpector says:

    I can FC everything in this song EXCEPT the solo. still working on that
    part v.v

  8. Luis Felipe Zaguini says:

    he asked you how to go to overdrive without shake the guitar

  9. Daniel Venegas says:

    @krijgered666 ace5993

  10. GHTastey says:

    Dream Theater <3

  11. CanadianNoob17 says:

    I see that on every Rock Band/Guitar Hero video, what does FC mean?

  12. sasorisama25 says:

    do mesmo jeito que voce levanta o pinto sem relar nele

  13. C4rc455 says:

    I think that the question is old, but anyway… He’s asking how you turn on
    the overdrive without the guitar shake…

  14. Nick DB Music says:

    @EeyItzMe XD

  15. niceguyj1984 says:

    F’n awesome dude

  16. Karandeep Singh says:

    @nicestr790wnz I doubt it, No practice mode, so playing 5 minutes before
    practicing the solo is not very inviting.

  17. Stridernegro says:

    How do you activate overdrive without tilting the guitar?

  18. Uriel Bicharra says:

    Eu já tinha descoberto mas valeu 🙂

  19. TheJohn399 says:

    Oh he’s talking portuguese. He said: If you’re the one who is playing,how
    can you activate the overdrive without swinging the guitar?

  20. Rafael Ferreira says:


  21. CreedCakes says:

    guitar hero buttons look so much easier to press. Rock band guitar sucks =(

  22. burnedcheese333 says:

    Epic FC Pro -play wit ya later

  23. MrPsychokid11 says:

    I hate how you have to hit the notes exactly on time. You don’t have to do
    that on GH. Oh well. I LOVE ROCK BAND AND GUITAR HERO STILL!!!!!!

  24. Rofael Nano says:

    Cool !!!!, now viewers before you watch this , bring your beats or whatever
    headphones you have , and tell me you feel , i feel dizzy , no but for real
    you are amazing dude , you should play rock band 3 guitar PRO ’cause you
    are pro.

  25. Whokilledkenny9 says:

    my god man if i had ions i would consider a fbfc o_O

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