Rock Band 3 – Panic Attack (Expert Pro Drums 99% Gold Stars)

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

This is a complete blast to play. Adding the cymbals in really adds a new dimension to many parts of this song. Also that broken note might be fixed, since I…

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25 Responses to “Rock Band 3 – Panic Attack (Expert Pro Drums 99% Gold Stars)”

  1. lilitree rox says:

    My godfather did this and threwthe drumsicks when was done. to be hoest it
    crazy shit.

  2. sri sulastri says:

    Hi !! Rocker,,,,let’s fight 

  3. Dan Heller says:

    Cool song, to long for meh lol

  4. planeshaperman says:

    I swear to god I’m hearing twice as many bass hits as there are on screen;
    that gets annoying.

  5. Jordan Dalton says:

    ok the guy that charted this song failed miserably at 6:10. in between each
    of those crash hits is a snare roll. wtf?

  6. ehoward30 says:

    Wow, that was incredible…I just got to where I can 4 or 5 star that song
    on hard. I either do great on it, or fail. But I love this song.

  7. MyCoolboy17 says:

    @SoundDefenseRB ok but for we are many is a brand new release

  8. burnedcheese333 says:

    how do u import the rb2 songs to this game and does it cost microsoft

  9. WakerProductions says:

    and can you turn of the drum part and play whatever you want

  10. SoundDefenseRB says:

    @izisvi Well naturally, practice a lot. When I play that part, I always
    keep very strict time using the bass pedal, and focus on that as the
    driving beat of that section. If I can focus on the bass then playing the
    polyrhythm is a little bit easier, because it’s easier to make my hands do
    weird crap than it is to make my foot do weird crap.

  11. unreal1298 says:

    How do you get this in Rock Band 3!? I’ve looked everywhere!

  12. SoundDefenseRB says:

    @pajaczekps3 RB2 import.

  13. MsIpwnNOOBS says:

    this song is a shit load of fun to play…

  14. MrT3m3 says:

    parts 1:12 and 1:30 doesn’t match with what I hear.sounds something like
    “The Herta” but charting is different.

  15. SoundDefenseRB says:

    @planeshaperman you are. Harmonix only charts bass kicks that can be played
    reasonably with one foot.

  16. Izisvi Aziria says:

    @SoundDefenseRB I can do all of this song just as well as you can, maybe
    even better, except for the weird ass polyrhythm thing at 4:52-5:03. I
    literally just cannot get that down, it’s the only part keeping me from a
    gold star. I always have to save my OD for that part, which kills my score,
    and then I screw it up a bunch, which kills my score even more. The rest of
    the song is an easy 99% for me, it’s just that one part. Don’t suppose
    you’ve got any helpful tips, besides practice alot?

  17. Alexander Morillo says:

    sorry for the question but i asked in many websites and none of them seem
    to be able to answer, how did you transfer this song from RB2 to RB3?

  18. SoundDefenseRB says:

    I’m a guy, the avatar is randomly chosen

  19. AwesomeKid009 says:

    oh wait i just rememberd i bought rb1 used also Soooooooooooooooooooooo
    unlucky :'(

  20. AwesomeKid009 says:

    i do have rb1, i might be able to do that.

  21. EscapeMyFate1997 says:

    How do i get the rb2 songs in rb3?

  22. iruleu729 says:

    @gaboalejo123 Probably just using overdrive/star power in different spots.

  23. John Everette says:

    so you can’t do the freestyle thing before hitting overdrive anymore? they
    made it like beatles rock band?

  24. wiccan31576 says:

    I think this run is great, and give you massive props for playing this, but
    i do have a quick question, how come you don’t have the hands part thing
    that some other people have? im not saying the vid is bad but i think it
    would have been pretty epic

  25. Ashton Ayala says:

    no wander they call it Panic Attack!! XD

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