Room tour + Anxiety/Panic disorder talk(Part 1) Vlog #2

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25 Responses to “Room tour + Anxiety/Panic disorder talk(Part 1) Vlog #2”

  1. quachemo187 says:

    If u have panic anxiety youre supossed to make the Heh?$$ HEHH!!$$ sound

  2. Braxtongriggs2011 says:

    Mine makes me numb all over and I can’t breath

  3. jimbothegreat730 says:

    SO Cute!

  4. Mikasas Scarf says:

    You’re such an amazing and inspirational person. Also your voice is so
    calming and pleasant to the ears. Also you’re so down to earth. Also your
    so pretty and have a unique style. Did I mention you’re PERFECT? Because I
    really think you are <3

  5. Sean Williams says:

    hope you feel better soon get well

  6. Dumbleebe says:

    Whenever I’m in a train I get so scared that I literally hide in the toilet
    room >_> I’m not scared because of the fact that trains can crash or
    whatever, I’m just scared for absolutely no reason xD

  7. xxRachelMcmuffinXX says:

    you really impress me Cristy. you have come so far in life. I was diagnosed
    with anxiety/panic and depression last year. my problem is I feel like it
    is taking over my life. im to the point where I get a panic attack because
    I have to take my meds. everything just freaks me out, but thank you for
    sharing your story maybe I can make it through this all.

  8. SpikeyESKIMO says:


  9. Samkitty luvsu says:

    I am homeschooled for the same reason and i would just like to thank you
    for sharing that with us. It definately helped me and i am sure alot of
    other people 3

  10. Shinisou says:

    I’m completely agoraphobic because of my anxiety. I haven’t left my house
    in months and it sucks because I think I need medication to try to tackle
    it but being afraid of leaving the house obviously means I can’t go see a
    doctor :/ I basically have no life, I can’t work or go to school or speak
    to people. It’s horrible and has been getting worse and worse since I was
    about 15, now I’m almost 19. I’ve missed what were mean to be the best
    years of my life. Guys if you spot anxiety early, tackle it

  11. jimbothegreat730 says:

    Very Good Video <3 got to me

  12. Joanna R. says:

    it’s great to hear, that you feel better now, Cristy 🙂 <3

  13. MichellieMonster says:

    I have anxiety around people, always doubting what they may be thinking or
    what I should do next 😛 I did go through depression but with my bf and
    close friends…things are looking up! Thank you Cristy, time does heal<3

  14. krisxvampire says:

    i have anxiety attacks like that :/

  15. frostyangelxo says:

    Your so pretty with or without makeup 🙂

  16. Honorata says:

    thank you for this video Cristy! it’s great to know that i can defeat it
    somehow 😛

  17. alyshathenerd says:

    I’ve had anxiety since I was about 9 and I’ve never taken medicine for it.
    I usually just try to deal with it and move on, even though it can be very
    hard at times. I’m doing well with it. :3

  18. Karen C says:

    I’m paranoid about everything. Everyday I think about death and how I might
    die that day. I always think something bad is going to happen

  19. Ashley Brown says:

    You’re such an inspiration. This really gave me hope that there will be
    better days, and I can still do something with my life. Thank you so much,
    Cristy. <3

  20. Raciepie says:

    I’m on zoloft! It’s helping so much. It’s had the best effect on me. 🙂

  21. devendra salvi says:

    Cristy….you eat Fruit when you sick…u r amazing…i hate fruits!! Get
    well soon…and i am sad that you had Anxiety/Panic disorder….hope u knw
    u have many fans and that you wont have such a period!!! cheers and keep

  22. Katie Anne says:

    I had a period of time where all I did was have panic attacks, especially
    with classrooms and being around other students, I must say I’ve gotten a
    whole lot better, I’m starting to get more sleep and just not let things
    get to me anymore. All I want to say is thank you for sharing that with us,
    it’s pleasant to know that someone understands completely.

  23. Braxtongriggs2011 says:

    And dizzy

  24. BeyondUniquex says:

    Cristy, I really hope that one day I make the same amount of progress that
    you did. I will say that I have gotten better with my own anxiety, but I’m
    not quite there yet. Just not yet. I’m still working on it. But this video
    helped to almost motivate/inspire me to not be afraid of the future and to
    just not worry too much. Thank you for posting this and talking about this,
    I hope to see a video in the future where you talk about how you made this
    progress (: I would love to hear it!

  25. Sabrina Villanueva says:


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