RYUGA UCHIDA 9 years old (Dream Theater – Panic Attack)(Drum Solo)

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

キッズドラマー内田龍芽 が Dream Theater の Panic Attack に挑戦! http://www.facebook.com/ryugadrums.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “RYUGA UCHIDA 9 years old (Dream Theater – Panic Attack)(Drum Solo)”

  1. eko siswanto says:

    damn cool!

  2. ExtinctHermit says:

    Holy fuck………

  3. blackngoldninja says:

    holy fucking shit

  4. joechettie says:

    Yes. Holy shit. An excellent interpretation.

  5. Rafik G. Rizkallah says:

    He deserves all the respect ……. dont stop playing drums ……. Its in
    ur vains Keep goin

  6. MrMeikho says:

    omfg!!! amazing

  7. wingieme says:

    This kid is only 9 years old, wait till he gets older, imagine what he
    would be like in a few years!

  8. Ai31able says:

    gelo sugan eta budak, aya nu bisa kitu budak keneh, very2 crazy boy, my
    god..my god..my god.. yu..ya..yu…

  9. Jon J says:

    WTF OOOOMMGGGGG It´s…. totaly… AHHHH asome

  10. littleJoey619 says:

    OMFG! he is AWESOME!

  11. MomotarosSWORD says:

    i can head bang to this all day

  12. KANDRUM5A says:

    すげーな リモートバスになってる・・・ しかも テクニックすげぇよ・・・

  13. Matthew Kile says:

    Well Dream Theater found their replacement for Mike Portnoy 🙂 HOLY SHIT

  14. sickdrummermagazine says:

    I am amazed by his ability to remember and nail a song with this many
    changes… at such a young age. WoW

  15. TheWackywavyful says:

    holy japanese people¡¡¡¡

  16. rizasafitra says:


  17. ko0onde says:

    im a looser next to this great kid!!!

  18. lifeishardboy121 says:

    thumbs up if u think he will be just like the rev

  19. treal123456 says:


  20. thijsbults says:

    I want u to be my son

  21. Orangeness81 says:

    It would be an asain! they are taking over the world! Hahaha look at this
    guy go!!!

  22. The Jassi-fricka-nation says:

    @amenwong SPEAK FOR YOURSELF!!! I’m thrice his age!!

  23. mrpopcorn8898 says:

    whats going on these days first 9 year olds then its going to be 5 or 4 i
    fell poopy :n

  24. daltonplaysthesax says:

    my vision got blurrier and blurrier during the second half of this video
    because this kid is succeeding in melting my face

  25. MartinLopezFan says:

    Keep hittin’ the skins, man. Soon, you will be a drumming legend.

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