saw on ride panic attack

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my gf has a panic attack while on saw the ride thorpe park.
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25 Responses to “saw on ride panic attack”

  1. prasert85 says:

    This is NOT a panic attack. This is fear, a completely different emotion. A
    panic attack is irrational and can happen in any circumstance. People us
    the term ‘panic attack’ too loosely without understanding what a panic
    attack really is. This woman was scared because she was on a roller
    coaster. If she was sat on the bus doing this, or at work, then this is a
    real panic attack. They come out of the blue and are scary as hell. Also,
    if you really do suffer from panic attacks, the ride itself isn’t what is
    scary, it’s the ‘trapped’ feeling of being strapped in and not being able
    to escape that is the problem. If the ride broke down and you were stuck in
    that seat whilst having a panic attack, you’d be fucked

  2. mva1985 says:

    at least there were two people there to reassure her…. good job guys

  3. skater123267890 says:

    before the drop 😀 guy its ok its ok dont worry woman ok ok going up 😀
    woman oh shit going down ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! woman shits her self
    eww thumbs up 😀

  4. Toemassify says:

    at the end she is smiling?

  5. MsAlexisbest says:

    im 13 and i had an panic attack but thats sad

  6. Christian Radclyffe says:

    When I was nine, Me and my friend were about to go on nemesis and then we
    panicked and they came and got us off :/

  7. MorbidBabex says:

    because to get over panic attacks you have to face your fears

  8. Ciggy Butt Braiin says:


  9. SoraRoxasKHII says:

    It won’t let me see this video it just keeps loading???

  10. frostie1234567 says:

    1:00 thats his girlfriend not yours

  11. Jon Perry says:

    I lol’d.

  12. Chardydude says:

    @keykeykay same as me then…I was going nuts going up the lift hill then
    the rest of it I thought WOOOOOOOOOOOO lol

  13. jack black says:

    haha they both feeling her up

  14. Naya Robyn says:

    stop! stop please ! stop it I wanna come down !hahahahah please! I cant
    resist no more! hahahah oh oh I think im getting aroused stop it mmmm im
    getting horny or im in panic i want to come down hhhahahhh

  15. Ciggy Butt Braiin says:


  16. hayes903 says:

    if she knew hse was gonna have a panic attack, why the fuck did she go on

  17. TheGameWizardzTGW says:

    @hayes903 because thats the only way to stop them, if you have a fear you
    need to fight it.

  18. Brad Sullivan says:

    @hayes903 because you never know, i was totally fine at 6flags …yet the
    worst panic attacks i get are waiting in line at the grocery store

  19. logue1608 says:

    Oh Gee…. Bless Her.

  20. utter1997 says:

    i would just like to say a big well done for going on that (:

  21. keykeykay says:

    I remember my first time on SAW. I was so damn freaked out and going up the
    lift hill, i was swearing all the way, but after the drop, I was laughing
    like a mad man all the way through. Great ride.

  22. SnappyPenguins says:


  23. scullen08 says:

    Aww, bless her…

  24. Sonny Godinez says:


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