School update

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An update about school, like what they say and what I am doing and how this shit in my head is stressing me out atm

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4 Responses to “School update”

  1. skysthelimit20102010 says:

    @lexxintegra Same to you xx God Bless xx

  2. lexxintegra says:

    @skysthelimit20102010 —Yep… right on and may this be a super night for you, then Friday and weekend with you =o)

  3. skysthelimit20102010 says:

    @lexxintegra Thank you for ALL of your lovely comments and for helping me decide for myself what to do, I really appreciate it xxx…Yes the world it a tough place where people think differently and then you will get a small minority that think the same, I will advise everyone to take advice from everyone that is willing to help you and don’t just stick with what’s in your head, in other words “I made up my mind” because just take the situation and look at it from a different angle 🙂

  4. lexxintegra says:

    Thank You for the update! It’s really good that you’re facing this and aiming for success… Also… it’s our society who thinks we have “problems” or are “disabled”. You my Sister (from another mister) are not with problem and are not disabled, but You honestly think differently than the “masses” or “average person”. I also think differently and that is fine… You and I are just fine :o) Yes you and I do face challenges because of how we think, but we’re wonderful persons as any other is~

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