Seizure? Panic attack? Help!!

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (13)

My son was just diagnosed with generalized epilepsy. He has been on Keppra for 2 weeks now which seemed to be working. Now he has started all of a sudden say…

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13 Responses to “Seizure? Panic attack? Help!!”

  1. Chloe Donohoe x says:

    I had this a few months ago cause I’m an emetophobe it lasted half an hour
    and was 2am so everyone was asleep!

  2. Nikki Montagna says:

    Usually the eyes are open during an epileptic seizures 

  3. Mateo Middleton says:

    This is scary. I pray that he is doing better now.

  4. philip59575957 says:

    This looks like a seizure. Epilepsy is no fun , I had brain surgery over 10
    years ago . There are times I can’t spell my name. Tell him to read every
    book on epilepsy.

  5. John Huber says:

    That’s a nice thing to say to a stranger. I hope you continue living being
    a thoughtful person

  6. meli792004 says:

    No fevers. He would just say he was super cold and his hand would be like
    ice. We switched him off the Keppra and onto Depakote and have not had this
    problem since. Not sure what it was but it was scary for sure.

  7. jeana hall says:

    well did he have a fever , sweating shivering uncontrollable is more like
    Rigors which is a situatuon that occurs when the body temp is high and the
    person may have sepsis which is a serious blood infection

  8. Sarah Prechter says:

    Have you ever thought about the srtict dite that they can put him on for
    his sizure disorder or about the VNS Divice that they have now. May you
    should mention this to your doctor for your son. Boy that was scary to
    watch that of your son having the seizure. Iam just trying to help you in
    anyway that I can. I hope that this will help you get the help that you
    need for your son.

  9. juju megan says:

    Im glad to hear that you’ve had help with medication. My son has epilepsy
    and was undiagnosed for 2 years because everyone thought it was a panic
    attack. The neurologist told me that the area of the brain that is affected
    with this kind of seizure is the same area which is triggered during panic

  10. Epic epileptic says:

    Low blood sugar

  11. Kelter82 says:

    This looks like a seizure to me. Has he had an MRI?

  12. Jnanij1 says:

    Side effect of the Keepra. Similar thing happened to me when my pharmacy
    switched me to the generic brand. If you start on a name brand stay with it
    or the switch can be dangerous. Panic can happen it’s scary to have seizure
    when you’re a teen waking up in a strange place hurting and freaked out. J

  13. Kevin James says:

    Almost looks like a panic attack that mimics a seizure. I had the same
    thing happen to me a couple times in the last year. I don’t have epilepsy
    though. I hope this helps you and your family. God Bless.

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