Skankin Pickle – Anxiety Attack

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Skankin Pickle playing the Huntridge theater in Las Vegas back in 1996
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20 Responses to “Skankin Pickle – Anxiety Attack”

  1. potts013 says:

    still one of the best ska bands!

  2. uPdApUNkS says:


  3. Hellnation13 says:

    Can any one email me their Live CD or Studio CD with David Duke is running for President ? I can’t find it any where !!

  4. skankingirl says:

    im a skankin girl

  5. ugadawg2001 says:

    Love that other people love SP. Mike Park is amazing

  6. killerclam6 says:

    can some please post the lyrics!

  7. rosiegirl001 says:

    Ahh. Crazy Fucking Awesome.

    Rude as fuck.

  8. Mobbius25 says:

    Skankin*** … !!!

  9. Mobbius25 says:

    Skakin Pickle = the best ska band ever. I wish that all of Mike Park’s band were that good !

  10. guttedwithbrokenglss says:

    fucking amazing

  11. mikecelone says:

    i can email u lol i have the cd

  12. ultimaterocker12 says:

    this band is friggin’ awesome and the song is great

  13. 2tonearmy1192 says:

    yea! I love this song but i can’t find any lyrics :/. My skankin pickle shirt came in the mail last week!

  14. atticusrules1 says:

    that band is so great!

  15. crassisdead says:


  16. MaximillianRiese says:

    I like this song… But I can’t find any lyrics. All I know is the first verse and the chorus. Halp!

  17. longboard888 says:

    I absoutly love this song!
    One of my favorites by skankin pickle. Every time I hear this one, I dance around. =]

  18. carbonlaminate says:

    We’re apparently the only people in the world who know this is here, dude. 🙂

  19. tatt2dsmurf says:

    I can’t believe this is on here.. I was at this show.. Man they were GREAT!! Whata trip.

  20. evans5150 says:

    Mike Park is AWESOME!!! Lynette…we miss you.

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