Sport as a cure for anxiety and panic attacks

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http://www.ilovepanicattacks.com/mailing.php Sports as a cure for anxiety and panic attacks.
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22 Responses to “Sport as a cure for anxiety and panic attacks”

  1. ryan koziol says:


  2. Tom Rodriguez says:

    thanks for the advice i started running everyday and my panic attacks
    haven’t bothered me in like 3 months

  3. nautjay says:

    hey dude thanks for the video. i have had Anxiety attacks for the rest of
    my life. I take marijuana right coz i feel it will help me but it just
    makes it worse. I tend to feel an out cast when um with people. ur vids
    seem to be making sense to me…

  4. severhomes says:

    Thank you so much. Keep making videos

  5. Metsada007 says:

    Great, how much do you run and how fast??

  6. CuRsEE says:

    I just finished watching most of your video’s… just want to say thanks,
    they all make alot of sense, and I’m going to apply them to my life, and
    try to better my life.. Anxiety has been in my life now for at least 11
    years. It’s a huge pain in my ass, large rooms full of people, shopping
    malls, and stuff like that have always sent my head for a spin and freaks
    me right out. Cut coffee out and start using the gym at work more often,
    I’ll keep ya posted on my progress… thanks again Martin

  7. Nwins says:

    @nevbone1674 Same thing is going on with me 🙁

  8. LoneWolf1518 says:

    Thanks for the videos, Geert. I’m 17 now a senior in high school and i’ve
    had anxiety dissorder for about 2 1/2 years…..its very upsetting because
    i cant hang with any friends or be out going since my anxiety dissorders
    happen 24/7. IDK what to do anyone suggestions?! 🙁

  9. codergames says:

    I’m bit autistic.Do you have anything that would work in my case as well. I
    get extreme anxieties if there are a lot of different sounds and there
    usually are. Also a lot of light and movement. I can’t really explain this,
    but my brain gets overcharged with processing all the information at the
    same time, and then, as addition, I need to handle panic attack as well.
    This is extremely hard. Now, I do sports, but it helps me endure panic
    attacks and anxiety, because of the fitness, can’t stop them

  10. codergames says:

    It also has to do with weather changes in my case, so it seems. If it’s
    going to rain in a few days with all those dark clouds and electricity, I
    get very anxious and on the edge. It takes very little to get me over the
    edge, it could just be the clouds getting closer, it doesn’t even have to
    be a lot of noise or lights and such.

  11. General Cornwallis says:

    good detailed video

  12. Francisco Herrera says:


  13. Richie2k6 says:

    Thanks for this video!

  14. edanmano says:

    @nautjay hey buddy guess what if you dont stop smoking that shit not only
    youl have anxiety worse but youl because a schizophreniac marijuana is what
    caused my anxiety!!! you need to understand that every human being is born
    with a mental illness inside of him!! but that illness is allways asleep…
    we are the ones who wake it up with alcohol drugs stress etc. marijuana is
    a drug that can calm people down but for some people it does the exact
    opposite!! stop smoking that and god bless be well!

  15. William Guzman says:

    how about junk food when I eat chips or a candy bar I feel that I can’t
    breath.how about scary movie or roller-coaster. I am new to this so I am
    really scared and I feel that my life is over. am 14. please help

  16. DiLaSw says:

    omg…this is my problem(no air in room)..I will start running! I hope it
    will help. Thank you

  17. soulflower666 says:

    Your life is NOT over, just follow the good advise on these videos – there
    are others that explain what is a panic attack,like this one: Watch this
    and your Anxiety and Panic will go away you will be OK,good luck!

  18. ChangLeeism says:

    Hey. My cousin had pretty drastic results relieving their awful panic
    attacks after going to KickAnxietyByFriday (use dot com when entering the
    address). Now enjoying a new outlook on a joyful life. Sure you will see
    for yourself.

  19. phillyfan182 says:

    im a bit autistic too and i get extreme anxieties too and i’ve even messed
    with my own head for all the wrong reasons, i’ve always been so hard on
    myself, i do sports too, being autistic makes things more complicated than
    they really are, i’ve been there before being autistic sucks,

  20. Rihannascuteness says:

    im real unfit….lol everyone recommends sports

  21. fearnomore again says:

    thats some real shit

  22. Sean White says:


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