Stop Panic Attack- Get Rid of Panic Attacks Forever!

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Suffering from panic attack? Well, i am here to help you. Check out this Google site about Panic Attacks and how to get rid of them. https://sites.GOOGLE.com…
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25 Responses to “Stop Panic Attack- Get Rid of Panic Attacks Forever!”

  1. jon conny says:

    agreed! meditation has worked the best for me and ive had luck with tap
    therapy. this guy didnt explain anything and the next catch will be you
    have to pay or buy a book or something.

  2. jon conny says:

    this video didnt help shit just made me more anxious. why make a vid and
    say “stop panik attack-get rid of panic attacks forever” then not explain a
    god dam thing. not even one solution. u just draw a bunch of dumb sketches
    and talk shit. u clearly kno nothing. thanks for the added stress and
    wasting my time.

  3. Pedro Faria says:

    Have you tried – 7 Minutes to Serenity (just google it)? Ive heard some
    amazing things about it and my father got excellent help with it.

  4. Fred Adams says:

    Nice video, will subscribe to watch more from you.

  5. 20112346 says:

    Great insight about panic attack and i found a good read on your link. I am
    starting the techniques now to get rid of panic attacks.

  6. Snow2316 says:

    Video is awesome, i think if it could be little longer, but your site has
    rest of the information that was needed. Thumbs up for this video.

  7. Paul Harrison says:

    finally a guy who really knows what panic attacks are and how to deal with
    them. Lots of thanks from myside for putting up this video.

  8. Dr.K Kumar says:

    Thanks for your feedback Dr.k.kumar

  9. Ralph Wheeler says:

    panic attacks are really hard to deal with. Thanks for this video and info
    on your site.

  10. Delilah Ochoa says:

    Thumbs up all the way, very good video and very good site.

  11. panicattack36 says:

    no medication, just simple techniques to change your lifestyle.

  12. panicattack36 says:

    Thank you. Will upload more detailed videos soon.

  13. kira8887 says:

    i have been suffering from panic attacks for over 5 years now and nothing
    has worked for me so far. Can you please suggest me something. the video
    looks promising.

  14. mazarefense says:

    he just wants to get your money, the only thing that can stop ansiety is
    meditation, 10 min or 1 hour a day, even more if you can

  15. panicattack36 says:

    @Dr.K Kumar Thanks for your comment. If you have any particular questions,
    please feel free to ask here. Perhaps recommend my video to your patients 🙂

  16. Kempter11 says:

    You rock with this video, waiting for more.

  17. kelley davis says:

    I have seen panic attacks and it is not a joke.

  18. Skin Care/Whitening/Acne Solutions says:

    Yes because I am
    fucking sick of this shit and just caught one coming home in a cab from
    school. I hate it and am so sick of it and fed up with it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. panicattack36 says:

    @Kelley I can understand your situation and i agree, panic attacks are not
    easy to handle.

  20. panicattack36 says:

    will be uploading more videos soon with techniques to follow.

  21. Aaron Craig says:

    Do your techniques include any sort of medication as well or just simple

  22. James Maddocks says:

    waiting for more videos from you. I am sick of panic attacks and want to
    get rid of panic attack forever.

  23. Donald H. King says:
  24. Guadalupe J. Alvarado says:
  25. Herrera Monica says:

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