Stop Panic Attacks – My Simple Solution!!

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22 Responses to “Stop Panic Attacks – My Simple Solution!!”

  1. CountessSociety says:

    Finally-get lost.So not worth my time.

  2. CurePanicAttacksAway says:

    lol you take things to personal. I’ll enjoy my water, seeya.

  3. CountessSociety says:

    You are the one with issues. Go drink some water and drown yourself in your stupidity,

  4. CurePanicAttacksAway says:

    Haha you got issues, man.

  5. Patrick knowling says:

    I used to have panic attacks all the time. Why? Because I had a high anxiety level. Which in turn was caused by something that I feared. Learn more about getting rid of panic attacks here:

  6. Horace Giambattista says:

    Hey! thank you for this useful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about panic and anxiety remedy called Zomopanic Eraser (do a search on google), but I’m not sure if it is good. Have you considered Zomopanic Eraser? I’ve heard some unbelivable things about it and my cousin finally stop his panic attacks using it, but he refuses to tell me: (

  7. CountessSociety says:

    Your mom probably has an underlying medical condition. You should get her checked out! Maybe you can cure it with…….A LITTLE WATER???? ……..BUAH HAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!! Bye Bye!

  8. CountessSociety says:

    Seriously? You’re still going? A month later? Im done with you (& have been)-I didn’t put ANY words in your mouth & you most certainly DO claim that water cures panic attacks. Why don’t you stop replying and wasting my time. You actually think a little noob like you effects my emotional state? BUAH-HAHAHA!! I take that back-you just cracked me up! & ur mom-let me try to stop laughing so I can type…YOUR MOM and her own personal physical functions do not address the fact that water does nothing.

  9. CurePanicAttacksAway says:

    Nope. My mom feels those effects just from going most of the day without drinking. I’m not saying water can cure panic attacks, don’t put words in my mouth. I’m just saying the more symtoms you can eliminate, the better. You may aswell stop replying, you seem mad. Getting mad isnt good for anxiety. lol

  10. Ricky Kintempen says:

    To end anxiety attacks completely, you need to understand what cause it, how to prevent it as well as what worsen it.
    Look into here for more information:

  11. Debbie Cook says:

    @George Me too!!! i get panic attacks everyday, constantly back to back, it makes me suicidal… I started seeing a physicist that gave me medication, I had to go threw a bunch of different kinds until I found the one that works for me.
    See this ==>

    I have not had an attack in over 3 months now…. Things are much better now!!!

  12. AnxietyRemedies says:

    Controlling one’s mind is very essential to get off any starting symptoms of panic.

  13. CountessSociety says:

    YOU DID, you fool! “Well then you mustnt know much about biology and how dehydration effects the body”. Whether Im thirsty or not: IM GOING TO STRESS OUT IN INTENSE SOCIAL SITUATIONS. The effects you are listing are only going to happen to a person if they are dying of thirst in the desert! No one is going to feel effects anywhere near what you are describing until they are basically w/o water 4 days. Ur trying 2 sell “drink water-it cures panac attacks” Ur a scam & Im wasting time replying 2u.

  14. CurePanicAttacksAway says:

    Noone said “you dont know about biology” But its starting to seem that way.

    When you’re dehydrated, you are far more likely to experience many of the symptoms that trigger panic episodes. Some examples include: Lightheadedness, Muscle weakness, Headache, Feeling faint, Increased heart rate. Yeah those arent panic attack symptoms to…

    Oh wait no, those symptoms are just a placebo effect of not drinking enough water… yeah that’s gotta be it. So then drinking water is just a placebo cure. yep.

  15. CountessSociety says:

    You’ve GOT to be kidding me…what an ignoramous coming to conclusions like “you dont know about biology” just because your rediculous claim does not work. Sound like YOU are the one who needs a biology lesson. Everybody knows water hydrates the body…DUH! Everyone also knows enough to know that drinking water does nothing to change the chemicals in the brain fueling anxiety. Goodbye!

  16. CountessSociety says:

    Lmfao!!! What a fool…you think you can claim to know about the water half of the world drinks with a sweeping generalization like that?? By the way…the ONLY water I drink is fresh, bottled and Cold as hell straight from the FRIDGE!

  17. CurePanicAttacksAway says:

    Well then you mustnt know much about biology and how dehydration effects the body. I didnt say “drink water and you wont have anxiety anymore” i said it can help lower it, and eliminate some symptoms caused by it.

  18. Zack Johnson says:

    Too bad half of the world does not drink FRESH COOL DRINKING water.

  19. Evelia J. Debord says:

    The #1 reason regular panic remedies fail is because they do not ever train the individual to end the fear of fear. Instead they teach you to ‘cope’ with the problem and to handle the anxiety hoping that it’ll eventually disappear.
    Take a look at below web site to find out more:

  20. CountessSociety says:

    I’m with you man-t’sa scam.

  21. CountessSociety says:

    No thanks dude…I like to stick to logic-not placebo.

  22. CountessSociety says:

    Oh hi, Smart*ass! You yourself just stated WATER DOES NOT WORK FOR ALL PEOPLE & speaking from *PERSONAL EXPERIENCE* not ignorance, again-this does not work. If it works for anyone its placebo & all in your head. The only thing drinking water does during a PA is wet your dry mouth. There’s absolutely *no* connection between consuming water & anxiety levels. If simply drinking water cured anxiety 1/2 the world would be off meds-which do actually cause physical and hormonal changes in the brain.

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