Story Time: Panic Attacks & Insomnia (My Experiences)

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

PLEASE READ: Although my experiences with panic attacks and anxiety are much more minor in comparison to Lauren and Zoe’s experiences (the girls who inspired…
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25 Responses to “Story Time: Panic Attacks & Insomnia (My Experiences)”

  1. miss msh says:

    OMG you are describing me :(((

  2. Karatelouise says:

    I’ve had a panic attack at school during a lesson and I felt that was the
    most embarrassing thing ever … :/

  3. RoscoeWasHere says:

    I’ve gotta say, panic attacks are by far, the scariest experiences of my

  4. 이승아 Jen says:

    i have social anxiety disorder… thankfully its better than before.

  5. foreverbeautydoll says:

    I have all the symptoms of insomnia but I keep telling myself that I don’t
    have it and its just something I think I have to give me an excuse for all
    the symptoms. Watching this video has helped me decide to go to a doctor.

  6. Laura Elizabeth says:

    I know how you feel, i have anxiety also. Stay Strong 🙂

  7. Monica Lauren says:

    No I think that’s perfectly normal! In the past I’ve gotten panic attacks
    due to my being mad, scared, or upset but with my most recent one it was
    for no reason at all!

  8. Rabina Sawhney says:

    I hope you stay well!

  9. Monica Lauren says:

    Thank you!

  10. Violet Taylor says:

    I’m not sure if I do have insomnia… But I do have trouble staying asleep
    and when I do I wake up often. I’m not sure if it is insomnia or…

  11. AZtrueflow18 . says:

    I use to suffer from anxiety attacks but in the name of jesus those demons
    leave 🙂 ill pray for anyone who wants it

  12. jaiscelle a says:

    where did you buy that sweater?

  13. Monica Lauren says:

    I’m glad I could be of help, stay strong!

  14. Samantha Lee says:

    Do you wake your parents up when you get panic attacks?

  15. Yallrridic Fo'shoman says:

    yeaah, sounds like me! like it would be me driving to school with like
    nothing due, nothing to study for, nothing to worry about. and im still
    like having major anxiety and a panic attack. like, when my moms driving
    she thinks i feel sick or will faint but like i dont really notice to much,
    just weird i guess

  16. Monica Lauren says:

    Yeah my Mum can usually hear me & she’ll come over & try to calm me down.

  17. Georgia Austin says:

    I have many of the same problems, I also suffer with depression and eating
    disorders. I hate it, I self harm and I purge and I have really low self
    confidence, this video really helped and to understand other people who are
    so down to earth like you have the same as me!! thanks a lot! Xx

  18. Monica Lauren says:

    I can definitely relate!

  19. monicaisacookie says:

    Thanks for sharing! I have these same problems! And this helped me so much!
    I feel so much better!

  20. jorgekluney says:

    Read Claire Weekes book “Hope and Help For Your Nerves”… It will change
    your life.

  21. Kim Hyowon says:

    I’m glad you shared

  22. Sadie Weiler says:

    I have both. And I hate them. Today I was shaking cuz I was talking to
    someone I like.

  23. symmetricalastic says:

    I used to get panic attacks in school. My heart with race and my face would
    turn read when the teacher called on me to read outloud. Panic attacks are
    not fun

  24. JustAmber14 says:

    I had previously watched Lauren’s and Zoella’s videos on this and the next
    day my friend had a panic attack at lunch.She was shaking and trembling and
    was sort of hunched over and at first she told us what was happening and no
    one really knew what to do but everyone was trying to comfort her. I was
    just sitting there because I understood what was happening because of the
    videos but didnt know what to say.Your video helped a lot too.Maybe you
    could make a video on what to do if someone has one.(:

  25. Yallrridic Fo'shoman says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but panic attacks don’t really scare me? Like
    I guess I have it the same way you do, and it’s always for no reason what
    so ever, but it just makes me uncomfortable or seem uncomfortable round
    others? Maybe that’s just me?

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