Stress Management 2 – Fight or Flight/Panic Disorder

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The fight or flight response, panic disorder and hope for those suffering from it. Link mentioned in the video: http://www.panic-anxiety.com.
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15 Responses to “Stress Management 2 – Fight or Flight/Panic Disorder”

  1. Qwizzyx says:

    who made this music? it’s awesome^^

  2. Buddha Gurung says:

    hey hey! Have you heard about – Supreme Panic Magic (should be on google
    have a look)? Ive heard some super things about it and my cousin Got rid
    the anxiety with it.

  3. CliffBetweenTheLines says:

    The WEBSITE won’t fix it, of course…it’s the system of treatment that
    they use that does it. If the panic disorder is caused exclusively by a
    glandular issue it probably won’t help that much, which is why they don’t
    have a 100% success rate. However, most people with this illness aren’t
    having it as a result of the issues you mentioned, and they CAN well be
    helped by the treatments offered at that site. Their extremely high success
    rate proves that it works, regardless of what we say here.

  4. CliffBetweenTheLines says:

    This vid was something I just spit out to get some info out there. No
    creativity was intended. only information. However, for those who cannot
    watch such a video with the music that is attached, we have supplied a new
    device called a volume control and recommend its use 🙂 If you wish
    alternate music you may then supply whatever you like.

  5. akuma4u says:

    how can a website re-balance your neurotransmitter levels whether they be
    serotonin, noradrenaline or dopamine or what if its a adrenal issue or HPA
    axis issue or hormonal? how will the website cure that?

  6. MrBlizzardrevenge4me says:

    wow my adrenaline went high on 1:06!!!!

  7. kingledude13 says:

    can anyone say… the adventures of Hyrule! X-)

  8. Minniver says:

    2:00 am. eyes flick open and bambam, the heart is hammering. will have to
    look into this, thanks!

  9. Abdur-Rehman Khan says:

    Hiyaaaa! Have you considered – Supreme Panic Magic (Have a quick look on
    google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some decent things about it
    and my auntie finally said ta ta the anxiety with it.

  10. Donna L. Gilliam says:

    The #1 reason regular anxiety treatments fail is because they don’t tutor a
    person to end the fear of fear. Instead they teach you to ‘cope’ with all
    the problem also to handle the anxiety in the hope that it will eventually
    disappear. Check out the following site to acquire more information:

  11. Lina K says:

    I really managed to relief my stress and anxiety. Check this out—>w w w
    dealwithstresslabs com Really helped me!

  12. Sarah Gill says:

    Actually there are three: Fight, Flight, and Freeze. I freeze all the time
    when I get scared.

  13. eerikka801 says:

    Are you having stress due to a skin disorder? The American Institute of
    Advanced Medicine has treated thousands of patients. They can eradicate
    your skin problem for good. They have 25 years of experience ussing FDA
    approved medication with no known side effect and a 95% success rate.

  14. danl1u2c3a4s5 says:

    yeah i agree the music was shocking made me wanna flight!!!!!!

  15. Jamie Smith says:

    Informative video. shame about the lack of creativity involved and poor
    choice of music.

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