Surgery Vlog (Tympanoplasty) + Panic Attack/ My Doctor Gave Me Club Drugs :O ?!?!?!!

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

Tympanoplasty Surgery Vlog MAKE SURE TO WATCH IN FULL HD HEY GUYS! A month ago I got ear surgery, and sense you guys are my best friends I want to share this…
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25 Responses to “Surgery Vlog (Tympanoplasty) + Panic Attack/ My Doctor Gave Me Club Drugs :O ?!?!?!!”

  1. Marie Rosca says:

    What’s your insta? Gonna tots follow you x

  2. emilia asd says:

    ilysm you should have like 200k what

  3. Niamh Kilcullen says:

    Glad your ears better! Wow you took that surgery well I would have been
    having so many panic attacks before I got it done

  4. Melanie Valero says:

    How did u tare ur ear drum

  5. Isabelxx_ says:

    aww ☺️ love your vlogs! 

  6. Arianna Hernandez says:

    I love you and ur vids cuz you don’t give one about how you look. Usually
    people would have cleaned their mascara but you told us tht you had a panic
    attack and showed us and you didn’t care and you always do vlogs and you
    don’t pack your face with makeup

  7. BaileeDaily says:

    How do u not have more subs!? i luv ur vids so much!

  8. Selena Garcia says:

    Damn girl, you showed that ear you aint fucking around haha. Glad
    everything went well :)

  9. Harper Goldrock StarStable™ says:

    I Got My Toncels Removed Last Summer And When I Woke Up After The Surgery
    It Felt Like I Woke Up In The Middle Of The Surgery And I Started SCREAMING
    It Hurt so Bad. :/

  10. Kya horwath says:

    I’ve been having operations since I was 5! I’m 14 now and I still can’t
    swim or get water in my ears

  11. MahaliahAngelMakeup says:

    I have a panic / anxiety disorder and that is why im homeschooled.
    ….panic attacks FUCKING SUCK!!!!! 

  12. Clara Gorham says:

    “When I try to eat food falls out of my mouth ! “Classic

  13. Tiani Bonilla says:

    You look like a mix of Maggie Q and Rooney Mara.

  14. Breann Ward says:

    Guuurrrrrllll when I got the surgery I had to wear like a turban of
    bandages because I got it done when I was in like 3rd grade. I’m a
    sophomore now tho….

  15. Makayla castro says:

    Mackenzie I got my surgery today and it wasn’t as bad as I thought & and
    I’m wearing that white thing on my ear rn lol it’s really uncomfortable 

  16. Trollingarmy13579 says:

    I know how it feels having ear surgery and I have had I think 3 panic
    attacks do yeah and good thing you feel better know so yea

  17. ninjaxgamer says:

    I love you Kenzie!! I’m a guy so this may sound a little weird, but I
    really enjoy your videos (especially your vlogs)

  18. FeathersandFaith says:

    I have anxiety and panic attacks too , I know exactly how you feel :’) I
    also had surgery for my toe and had a panic attack as soon as I woke up .
    Glad everything was a success girl ;D Xx 

  19. Ashley Ramirez says:

    Im the first view? Haha anyway ily and youre so beautiful

  20. Riley Irwin says:

    “right now I’m talking like ricky dillon” OH MY FUCJIGN GOS NO OMG

  21. Justine Early says:

    What’s your email

  22. Kayla M says:

    I got my tonsils out a few years ago and I can not even remember my 2 week
    recovery like I must have been on some serious club drugs

  23. Ill llI says:

    What happened ? Ps ilysm

  24. xxDimplesForLifexx says:

    She totally reminds me of Noah Cyrus

  25. Makayla castro says:

    I’m gonna need ear surgery on January 23 cause I have a hole in my ear drum
    and I’m really scared

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