The Exaggeration Technique to Overcome Panic Attacks

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http://www.easycalm.com/ (The EasyCalm Video Series for Anxiety and Panic Attacks) A brief technique to stop panic attacks. Can also be effective against certain types of generalized anxiety…

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6 Responses to “The Exaggeration Technique to Overcome Panic Attacks”

  1. yuvraj awasthi says:

    You are the best at this Jon!!

  2. Jon Mercer says:

    That was cool .Great tribute to Douglas Adams.

  3. jdickerson23 says:

    Did you see Google’s home page today?

  4. TuesdayWells27 says:

    My panic attacks COMPLETELY STOPPED when I finally divorced an abusive,
    sadistic husband. He was the whole reason why I had panic attacks, never
    knowing what stuff he was going to put me through. The sheer terror of
    worrying completely dissolved when I left. I never looked back and I’ve
    never had another panic attack. I took care of the problem at the root…..

  5. RocknCorruptrepublic says:

    I’ve gotten panic attacks for years, I’m pretty much “remitted” now and
    this has worked for me (amongst a few other things)…but if I try it with
    more typical levels of stress it doesn’t work so I end up stressed out
    lately every time I have to be productive. If I throw out the logic I
    freeze 🙁 lol.

  6. casperld says:

    this is a technique I learned early on. I went from having panic attacks
    all the time to hardly ever. It’s the realization that you are actually in
    control and not the other way around that makes this effective.

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