The Guild – S2 Ep7: Panic Attack

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Codex deals with yet another Guildie on her doorstep. The Guild Season 1 & 2 is available for purchase on DVD amzn.to and iTunes bit.ly BUY GUILD STUFF: Comic Book bit.ly T-Shirts jinx.com Season 3 Spires of Dragonor Poster bit.ly CONNECT WITH THE GUILD: twitter.com facebook.com watchtheguild.com Official Fan Podcast http Created and starring Felicia Day (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Monk, House, Dollhouse). Directed by Sean Becker and Produced by Felicia Day, Kim Evey (Producer, Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show), and Jane Selle Morgan English Subtitles: Dani Figueiredo and John Ferguson Portuguese Subtitles: Dani Figueiredo Italian Subtitles: Francesco Spreafico and Luca Franceschini Czech Subtitles: Jan ‘Zoidy’ Hunka Russian Subtitles: Roman Rausch Polish Subtitles: Krystian Aparta Greek Subtitles: Chryssa Rapessi
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “The Guild – S2 Ep7: Panic Attack”

  1. JustHereForComedy says:

    Watching this show puts me in a gaming mood. 😛 *reaches for DS and starts playing Zelda*

  2. theidfninja says:

    I’d really like a frozen yogurt maker.

  3. ummhmmlies says:

    views 678.678 for me, weird

  4. therealAvatarBlues says:

    @Lifeisironicreject You and me both 🙂

  5. dec4032 says:

    Am I the only one that wants to learn the “qwerty sanchez” ??

  6. bosshog7169 says:

    That’s deep… Freuded…

  7. inuyashasitr says:

    @MissDinika 🙁 your ah meanie -sniffle-

  8. silhuette66 says:

    I Loved watching this!

  9. MissDinika says:

    @inuyashasitr we get 2hours on Aion 🙂

  10. TheGnolf says:

    5.10 “Oh I can log in and buff you against elements … No, no! You have to freeze to death” lol

  11. Xenofan20 says:

    she remembers me of Willow from Buffy

  12. cazuluc says:

    Four hours?This is ridi…
    (Where the fuck is him?)

  13. thegaijin3 says:

    LOL im fussy. Kind of like an old lady with a penis. XD WTF

  14. MrOzzywow says:

    24/2 lol

  15. TheZaeinn says:

    He didn’t create the Qwerty Sanchez…
    Leeroy Did…

  16. lunaticstargazer says:


  17. inuyashasitr says:


  18. mbenzsl2000 says:

    I never thought I would actually like the ads prior to these episodes…..but the miller lite commercial with those three chicks………Wow I guess Im sold

  19. CorruptedUnicorns says:

    No. Her therapist “broke up with her” basically meaning that her therapist refuses to see her anymore since she isn’t willing to work on her addiction to the game.

  20. AstartesBlackTemplar says:

    “Four hours? That’s ridi-”

    Vork: faster and quieter than ninjas on a budget since 1865…

  21. thesims3luver says:

    i hate server shutdowns D=

  22. dannz4fans says:

    @physcokilerrr she did not say she was going out with her?

  23. dannz4fans says:


  24. physcokilerrr says:

    @stevimf yea, she says she was going out with her therapist then got dumped by her therapist?

  25. stevimf says:

    @physcokilerrr no the woman was her therapist

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