THE LINDEN METHOD – Neuroplasticity Explained

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The Linden Method and Neuroplasticity Explained by Charles Linden

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18 Responses to “THE LINDEN METHOD – Neuroplasticity Explained”

  1. whitekobem3 says:

    I honestly have to say i feel as though my anxiety tops the charts of all anxiety possible.. I have a panic attack everyday of the week.. I was put on paxil and it made me feel like total shit.. I wake up to chronic chest pain.. Horrible head aches.. cant drive a car .. Never would wish this upon my worst enemys.. Ill be ordering this method today !!!!

  2. FAMEddelcambre90 says:

    Charles you are a real life saver. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and giving us a cure. God bless you.

  3. AubadePrism says:

    I have horrible panic attacks over my fear of dying. The problem is I can’t rationalize “you aren’t going to die” when that’s a lie. Of course I will and that’s what scares me. So I don’t know how to fix that if this fear is rational because it does eventually happen and it DOES have the feeling that one day you’ll wake up and you’ll be old and die. I got over my other phobia, fear of bees but death..it’s kind of a worry.

  4. tinycm86 says:

    i feel u on that im the same why omg like mine gotteon bad to point were i all i do cry and everything i thik im die all time my heart going to stop this shit suxs so much…but alot ppl saying this does help im try it out myself im just glad to know im not the only one who feels the same way

  5. dreadhawk123 says:

    sounds like a freaking commercial. Sorry.

  6. pkanoo says:

    hey im 15 i think i have anxiety i think about it all the time with makes it worse and im really scared of going back to school because i constantly have this unreal feeling please help? 🙁

  7. Shemassault says:

    I’m so happy i found this program, i’ve been anxious for years, ever since I was a kid and after I graduated from college the stresses of life messed me up so bad I couldn’t keep jobs for longer than 3 months because I couldn’t focus on anyhing except my obsessions. I just started this program and I can honestly say that with each day my head is getting more and more free of those thoughts because I’m removing anxiety that drives them. Bless you Charles, it;s saving my life as I’m writing this.

  8. rodneybrownlee77 says:

    thank you for your advice cheers :):)

  9. CharlesLinden says:

    Thank you Johnny! IF ONLY people would believe what I say over the dozens of charlatans who claim cures but provide zilch! I KNOW we cure people and many can be seen on my sites. You’d think that all the medics and psychologists, research academics and others who support and endorse what I do, would convince people that we are what we claim… no one else has that level of qualified support or endorsements! Take care.

  10. CharlesLinden says:

    Why lose your family because of high anxiety? It’s only perceived as negative because unlike other emotions, fear gives rise to lots of extreme physical symptoms… it’s not illness any more than aching cheeks would be if you were OVER happy! Anxiety is quickly curable and I KNOW have a technique that quickly cures! In truth, I don’t know what else to say or do to convince people of what I am saying! Charles

  11. CharlesLinden says:

    Let me explain something… in over 12 years helping over 130,000 people, I have never found anyone who has a high anxiety condition who also has TRUE clinical depression… anxiety causes over-stimulation of the nervous system which causes hyper-vigilance whereas depression causes total apathy!

  12. rodneybrownlee77 says:

    anxiety as ruined my life iam 27 i have tryed everything! its got to the stage i wont go outside my family dont know what to do anymore with me i will end up loseing my family because of it i suffer with depression as well two dont mix well. do u think this program will work i hope because cant put up with this anymore thxs love to hear reply

  13. peggyb76 says:

    @CharlesLinden ok then so where would i start? I have tried everything though, I just don’t see how this is going to help. But I will try it….

  14. CharlesLinden says:

    If you’ve had high anxiety for over ten years, it’s because you haven’t done this! There is only one cure so if you haven’t done it, you will still have anxiety! Do you consider yourself to be incurable? If so, you’re wrong! Charles

  15. johnnylifeson says:

    It is true !!! I got it 3 years ago and suffered for 20 years and it’s GONE !!!!!! Please believe me, if your suffering, the Linden Method is the BEST !!!!

    Thank you Charles…

  16. peggyb76 says:

    i have had anxiety and panic for over ten years. This sounds way to good to be true, I mean come on…..

  17. PurpleHoneyBear says:

    I’ve read about this in various books. It’s fascinating, and it shows that there is hope!

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