The Paddingtons – Panic Attack

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If you wanna die Go on and commit suicide You wanna live I know You gotta get em by the throat If you wanna die Go on, keep commiting suicide You wanna live …

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25 Responses to “The Paddingtons – Panic Attack”

  1. JustGoOneDirection says:


  2. El Deus says:


  3. Edge Giron says:

    La Pandilla

  4. aloha475 says:

    *Here’s the only clinically proven drug free holistic system for
    eliminating panic attacks and general anxiety*

  5. Gilles a says:

    The Paddingtons – Panic Attack

  6. Jason Smith says:

    no keep them underated, dont go mainstream

  7. us8likes8cheese says:

    cool song. the lyrics not so cool.

  8. scotliberttine says:

    this lot are playing manchester ruby lounge on sunday, get yourselves down

  9. Dylan Whitman says:

    WOW! these lyrics deserve a Pulitzer Prize! And they say Dylan is the last
    of the poetic-song-writing ilk! These lyrics are incredible! wow!

  10. Uli Tre says:

    yeahhh!!! good band!!! excelent my favourite band mexico los ama!!!!

  11. deltafranklin says:

    i dig it man you got it…. we want them here in Los Angeles……

  12. superchargednut says:

    They’re not dicks. Always say hey to me x

  13. tisue says:

    shit i was drunk.. but good band 🙂

  14. MG3AEH says:

    @JackBevanWanabee Fuckin..damm right…..currently I’m keeping the Hull
    flag flying high in Thailand but rest assured it shall return to Boothery
    before long..”City till I die”..!!!

  15. steveelliott bysteveelliott says:

    hey my friend, the strokes are not around any more. they had 1 or 2 good
    albums. where the brits just kick ass! they don’t go all main stream,
    follow the leader, can’t think for myself music. that is my story and I’m
    sticking to it! good day. heather

  16. TheJanet1997 says:

    I came here because of Tom Atkins.

  17. Caitlin Brennan says:

    sames but really like them i didnt know he was the singer cause of one
    direction right lol?

  18. sam7224 says:

    @carlmolito I think people can relate to an artist more if they think they
    are from a similar background to themselves.

  19. jamie 0'rourke says:

    hey my niece katerina knows these guys!hull! they are pretty damn cool!

  20. gb23 says:

    What is this song about? I’ll have to go to song meanings dot com, or

  21. paulthekind says:

    Wow. Favorite song of the moment. Maybe even of the year: Though
    Fluorescent Adolescent, Oxford Comma, We Danced Together, Angels on the
    Moon, Paris, and Young Love are close (note the use of an oxford comma ;))
    Yes, I know: I let the smoke clear before listening, so Im usually a few
    years behind the curve, and don’t mind a bit! 🙂

  22. TIMPA921209 says:

    yeah when bayshambles was at their peak too

  23. Mikey Raymundo says:

    saw this on VH1 9 years ago. it’s still the shit.

  24. Eddy C.R. says:

    Nice tune.

  25. Tom Head says:

    Great tune by a greater band!!

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