“The Panic Extinguisher” Brainwave Entrainment to Stop Panic Attacks

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (14) (more info & download the full audio session) “The Panic Extinguisher” is a 12 minute audio session d…

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14 Responses to ““The Panic Extinguisher” Brainwave Entrainment to Stop Panic Attacks”

  1. Jake Johnson says:

    WTF _ i been suffering half the day at work! I was in real trouble too! I
    considered bolting out of here. Had “fight or flight” feelings big time…
    Stumbled on a blog by another anxiety sufferer and someone suggested
    looking up Binural beats. I laughed… then youtubed it… then listened to
    this and I honestly felt better as soon as it started. Now it is over and
    the feeling are returning… im listening agian to see!

  2. Dylan LeMote says:

    this always works for me.

  3. Jon Mercer says:

    “mis-sync of brainwaves in the left and right hemisphere” That’s a good
    question. It’s not well understood, so hard to say.

  4. Mr. Nice Guy says:

    Very nice. Thanks for posting.

  5. Silentstarsutube says:

    huh… 720p, headphones, .. it actually worked… o.o … – *Sleepy* T.T;;
    ah well. guess its better than the continual panic attacks.

  6. CVmassage Schedule says:

    thank you this is great assistance to those who want to do the work..waht a
    great tool excellent cadence,tonal great work thanks for sharing iam going
    to buy the cds..

  7. Jon Mercer says:

    There are several techniques used at once: primarily brainwave entrainment
    and suggestion. The brain syncs to the ultra low frequencies, which get
    lower over time. This “pulls” you into a calmer, deeply relaxed state.
    Then, while you’re in relaxed state, the suggestions focus on changing your
    perspective and promoting optimism. That’s the short version. =)

  8. jm5150 says:

    why does this work?. Ive been doing reseaerch and some thinking. The mind
    is a tricky thing, and so is panic and Anxiety. Research and Doctors cannot
    ultimately say “what” causes anxiety but seeing as this ‘ACTUALLY WORKS TO
    REMOVE PAINC AND ANXIETY INSTANTLY’ than it must have something to do with
    brainwave patterns. Does anxiety rear its ugly head because of a mis-sync
    of brainwaves in the left and right hemisphere? What would cause this

  9. Renato123bom says:

    didn’t work on me

  10. Eric Thompson says:

    Let’s meditate 🙂

  11. Logan dd says:

    Humans just want to help each other… We crave love.. We want to love!
    There is just so much hate being thrown around. I love my fellow humans. <3

  12. Eric Thompson says:

    Nice job.

  13. piero muro says:

    Lifes good mon

  14. sisa sandor says:

    Works well on me

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