The Problem of Anxiety and Children: A Review of Anxiety Free Child Program

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The Problem of Anxiety and Children: A Review of Anxiety Free Child Program

Article by Anthony Parker

It is amazing how anxiety prone modern day society has become. Parents are afraid to let their children doorknock for the scouts or charities and don’t want them to ride a bicycle or walk to school in many cases. No wonder there is a market for products that advise on freeing children of unnecessary anxieties. One such product is an e-book called Anxiety Free Child. Is this combination of e-book and audio presentations worth buying? Read on for more details.

This program has been created by Rich Presta, who claims to have suffered from a lifetime of problems with anxiety and seeks to enable other people to benefit from his own technique for overcoming anxiety disorders. The program explains in detail causes of childhood anxiety and how if not treated effectively it will traumatise the child right into adulthood and potentially for life.

Presta makes the point that child anxiety is the outcome of the fight or flight response that has been in humans since the day of the caveman. It was always designed to protect us from falling victim of attack from wild animals for example. It only becomes a problem when a child or adult fails to learn how to control this impulse and it starts to generate a daily anxiety reaction when there is no sign of physical danger.

Why some people suffer from this condition from childhood is not entirely clear. It may have links with stressful or worrying events from an earlier period in the child’s life. It may also be the outcome of genetic tendency towards anxiety inherited from one or both parents.

Many people turn to medication and other forms of expensive therapy if their child is anxious and having difficulty coping. The problem with medication is that it papers over the anxiety and has side effects such as mental confusion and drowsiness. While some expensive therapies also fail to deal with the problem effectively.

The Anxiety Free Child program will supply you with a tailored course of information designed to deal quickly and effectively in identifying and overcoming your child’s anxiety problem. As well as Presta’s own course outline, buyers will receive audios of therapists, psychologists and a host of top selling authors who have researched and written about anxiety problems.

The program interested me because I too suffered from severe anxiety problems as a child in spite of a secure and loving family. Ultimately I learned to overcome my problem through self-hypnosis and mind control. However, some people may find that their child needs this detailed course and would benefit from it.

The program comes with a 60 day trial period http://app-products-info.webs.com and can be purchased for one-time fee of US. Obviously, there is no miracle cure for this kind of problem but I was impressed by what I saw of this program.

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