The Rogue Element – Panic Attacks (Mix by Benny Benassi)

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (14)

Awesome track. This is deep man.

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14 Responses to “The Rogue Element – Panic Attacks (Mix by Benny Benassi)”

  1. Niepi says:

    alright, but i just named it the way it was named on the CD.

  2. GooodLifeNL says:


  3. Luis De Anda says:

    @3:16 is where I take off

  4. smokeweed133 says:


  5. ozziexox says:

    This fucken tune is sick ass shit d[°_°]b

  6. xSHUTxMExUPx69 says:

    Makes me wanna dance…..

  7. jayswonkeydonkey says:

    mahoosive song. gotta be in the zone to love it though. & I love it.

  8. COBHCSS says:

    To my knowledge, this is a Tom Real vs The Rogue Element remix, could be
    wrong, but I think I saw it on Tom Real’s myspace, non the less, its a
    fucking great song and would like to find more like it

  9. thedafunkywerewolf says:


  10. The Ayon says:

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    much cured anxiety with it.

  11. utuba says:

    so little views for such an amazin tune!!!!

  12. Leon Council says:

    great song wtf 1,029 views thts gay this is a gud song

  13. Martin Wyard says:

    choon is so ill itz got swine flu

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