The Truth about Panic Attacks, Anxiety, OCD, Worry, Depression & PTSD

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

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25 Responses to “The Truth about Panic Attacks, Anxiety, OCD, Worry, Depression & PTSD”

  1. Evangelist Anita Fuentes says:

    The Lord speaks concerning the spirit of fear over many people’s lives.
    Please Listen! Please Forward! In Jesus name, Amen!
    Evangelist Anita Fuentes

  2. carly boni says:

    Wow…Anita, you are being very careless telling people should not be on
    medication. Some people NEED it! And YES, it IS a chemical imbalance in
    some people. Would you tell a person with diabetes to stop taking meds?
    Would you say the same thing to a heart patient?? I really hope there is
    not someone out there listening to you who has a great doctor and is on the
    RIGHT medication for his or her problem. DO you suffer from severe anxiety
    or depression? Are you a doctor?? This really pisses me off right now,
    because as a 50 year old woman and a Born Again Christian I can tell you
    that I have tried to “pray it away” and it does not work! Shame on you for
    doing this video. I have been on Prozac before and let me tell you it was
    a GODSEND! You really need to check yourself before you do a video like
    this again. There are many good Christian doctors and Christians who
    suffer pain you have no idea about. I cannot even think straight after
    watching this

  3. Danielle Lawson says:

    I can testify!! I am jumping up and down screaming hallelujah!! Amen
    sister!! I too before I was truly saved, was battling voices, bouts of
    depression thoughts of suicide and I turned to the doctor who gave me 10
    questions to answer (yes, no and sometimes) with those ten questions they
    tried diagnosing me with bipolar disorder. I have people in my family who
    only use those drugs for the high they get and I have always thought
    everyone can be a little bipolar its more about self control. Anyway they
    gave me the diagnosis and a pack of pills. I threw them away and picked up
    my bible and haven’t set it down in four years, praise be to God! You are
    so right Anita! God bless you! You don’t know how many people out there
    need this message! I love you sister! ♥ 

  4. jay tay says:


  5. whatever3210 says:

    I’m just not so sure anymore…

  6. Scott Silvey says:

    Agree as a former depression pill user. We do not need a pill we need more
    Gos-pill (Gospel) Praise Jesus!!!

  7. Carol M. Roos says:

    The great news here! You are able to treat your panic attack effectively by
    using natural method, remove the root cause of your issue

  8. Laurie Calkins says:

    Listen to Anita….. She’s right….

  9. Sheree Carr says:

    I dont disagree to much with anita but this one really bugs me. There are
    people out there that need these pills and this is preaching hate. Im
    someone that is on a anti-depressant and cant function without it. The
    panic attacks get out of control. I thank God for these pills because with
    out it I wouldnt be able to think clearly. Does this mean I dont trust God
    to deliver me? Hearing her talk like this really hurts….Because I post
    this the rest of you will hate on me. its all good…bring it.

  10. Sunny Day says:

    I have depression for more than fifteen years, I was always a so-called
    “Christian” who keep sinning and don’t know what the Bible talks about.

    After I watched a video from this channel about half year ago, which talked
    about emotion and mental problem can be cured by the word of God. I started
    to read the bible and follow the word of God. I have been getting better
    and better. Now I am in good situation, I attending church every week. I
    must say the word of God DOES help!!!!

  11. hugo last says:

    This nonsense would be easy to dismiss if it wasnt so dangerous. This woman
    is like a five year old with a loaded gun running through a packed daycare.

  12. Laurie Calkins says:

    Jesus healed me of anxiety attacks and Bipolar Disorder. I am no longer on
    medication . Haven’t been for a year. I used to cut and burn myself. Have
    not done that either.

  13. Maria Morales says:

    My daughter was suffering from depression when she was 16 she was sent to
    counseling and right away they put her on meds, she got worse, It was then
    that my mom said, enough of this and we began to pray over her and we all
    gathered and anointed her and after one hour of prayer we heard the spirit
    that was in her leave! We were in shock but it happened, we heard it go
    into the hallway, it was the scream of a desperate woman or crying woman
    and it left the house. The next morning my daughter was a new girl, she was
    delivered, never suffered another day and doesn’t even remember what
    AND AFTER. Praise GOD. AMEN. 

  14. hugo last says:

    This video is incredibly irresponsible. To say that you can just pray away
    depression and PTSD is amazingly short Sighted and ignorant. Personally I
    think this lady is actually pretty calculating and is doing this for its
    shock value and views. She should be using all her praying powers to avoid
    getting sued by someone whose suffering shes perpetuating. Good thing she
    believes in Hell, she wont be too shocked when she gets there.

  15. Rochelle Christmas says:

    Amen Anita!! Love you sister! God Bless you!

  16. lori flynn says:

    I had a serious medical issue and it caused me to panic and have anxiety
    from the fear of what was gonna happen to me i had to take meds for that. i
    prayed and prayed and now i am ok and healed thanks to God :)

  17. Rosemary FAITH-LIVES says:

    Anita the lord created everything for a reason even medication. So are you
    saying to people stop taking there meds? Some people have different reasons
    for medication and maybe the lord guided them to a doctor for help. Be
    careful sister what you preach your not a doctor. Only the lord knows
    peoples hearts and situations. 

  18. janice strausburg says:

    I saw the spirit of depression on a family member he looks like a frog and
    black with a frown with legs bent he sits on your shoulders

  19. MsPrettypinkpanther8 says:

    I had all of those. Years of counseling and meds couldn’t do what God and
    Jesus did for me in just one day!

  20. PerrrfictKats says:

    How do you council a person who believes they committed the ‘unpardonable
    sin’ and is having panic attacks and attacks from the devil believing that
    they are reaping the results of that sin because God has abandon them?
    Tricky question to try and answer for someone who feels that they ‘did it’
    and interpets their resulting reality to that cause.

  21. Pras Chai says:

    PTSD never completely goes away. Why don’t you tell people to pray and give
    it to Jesus when they have a PTSD moment instead of making people feel
    guilt for having their uncontrollable episodes.

  22. Joey T says:

    I struggle with fear of recommitting my past sins, constantly or new
    fearful unclean thoughts come into my mind..also I fear if I’ve committed
    the thing I thought because it was so strong and things from my past
    comeback and play with my mind 

  23. CecilRyuTaekwondo says:

    Sirach 38 “4 The Lord created medicines from the earth, and a sensible
    person will not hesitate to use them. 5 Didn’t a tree once make bitter
    water fit to drink, so that the Lord’s power[b] might be known? 6 He gave
    medical knowledge to human beings, so that we would praise him for the
    miracles he performs. 7-8 The druggist mixes these medicines, and the
    doctor will use them to cure diseases and ease pain. There is no end to the
    activities of the Lord, who gives health to the people of the world.”

  24. NC Public Schools education or Not! thats the question? says:
  25. isaiah barrett says:

    People put more faith in their pills and doctors than The Lord!

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