This is what All Time Low does when Alex Gaskarth is off having an anxiety attack.

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honestly,at the Believers Never Die Part Deux tour show in milwaukee on May 16th 2009, alex gaskarth from all time low ran off stage and had an anxiety attack out of nowhere. this is what the other guys did while he was doing thaat.

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25 Responses to “This is what All Time Low does when Alex Gaskarth is off having an anxiety attack.”

  1. AriaandZoey says:

    When did Alex come back on? What did he do when he got back?

  2. raisin22 says:

    @katchepru haha my bad. matt is really good at singing.

  3. katchepru says:

    @raisin22 ……hes not random… not at all.
    he’s the tour manager…….

  4. heregoeshazy says:

    MattyyFlyzik <3

  5. MelissaAnnDarko says:

    @DianaGabrielle It’s a panic disorder.
    I have the same thing.

  6. MelissaAnnDarko says:

    Matt Fuckin Flyzik<3<3<3<3

  7. DianaGabrielle says:

    @TheLordilover wat condition?

  8. casamberz says:

    awww poor alex 🙁

  9. mstevens182 says:

    hahaha matt flyzik: the 5th member of atl

  10. atl4ever11 says:

    @Raynamak: can u send me the link to the twitter tweet thanks 🙂


    god Flyzik is a total baller. damn. i didn’t he had it in him

  12. MidMorningMoonlight says:

    Rian started playing Aliens Exist xD

  13. BloodWineTears says:

    @AbbyMac100 no doubt Alex is the hottest, sexiest member as well…

  14. minabodden says:

    @BloodWineTears ARE U FRKIN KIDDING!!?!?!?! ALEX IS AMAZING!!!1

  15. AbbyMac100 says:

    awww poor alex

  16. BloodWineTears says:

    I think they should just get rid of Alex.
    Flyzik sounds amazing!

  17. TheLordilover says:

    Poor alex… he has a condition, he seems to do that alot…

    Lets kiss him and make it better. hehe

  18. Veekcore says:

    Anyone else noticed Zack playing the bass line for Muse’s Hysteria near the end?

  19. 1997capricorn says:

    kittykat257 i want to like your comment but for the sake of all time low you have 69 likes so i will not(;

  20. ccbugg123 says:

    i <3333333333 matthew flyzik

  21. MaRyAm26Ld says:

    i have crush on matt now!! “D

  22. 19boots93 says:

    Matt Flyzik is a fucking HERO.

  23. GetTheFruit13 says:

    Poor Alex 🙁

  24. zuna43 says:

    @mguy14 he already was in a band before they broke up

  25. mguy14 says:

    @brokenangel1982 He those have a good voice for punk music, but I really don’t know how well his range is but what I have seen for the Live DVD is that he really knows how to sing

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