Three Things NOT to Do During a Panic Attack

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Barry Mc Donagh from Panic Away discusses the three things NOT to do when having a panic attack. In the past 10 years, The Panic Away Program has touched ove…

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22 Responses to “Three Things NOT to Do During a Panic Attack”

  1. Diced Pineapple says:

    thank u for this! the one problem i always have is that i always resist
    them, hence making them worse __. Working on it though!

  2. LordWhorfinX2 says:

    Wow! I was having a pretty brutal panic attack at my office today and your
    voice was pretty calming and your advice is sound. Thanks mate! 🙂

  3. DesertSmeagle says:

    Are there different types of panic attacks? I see a lot of people
    complaining mostly about physical symptoms, but I just had one of my first
    actual panic attacks a few months ago and it was very psychological. By
    that I mean that it felt like the anxious thoughts were out of control, and
    I thought I was going to die or go insane, and that these thoughts
    outweighed the physical symptoms…fuckin sucks haha… It also sucks
    KNOWING rationally that you are fine, but not FEELING fine.

  4. ColdCity says:

    Around age 25 I started getting attacks. Yes, violent heart beatings for no
    reason, shortness of breath, and then the worst….the one where it feels
    like “you’re drugged” or you lose your perception of reality.
    Disassociation. The worst! Anyway, these tips help! For real! You can learn
    more on his main website. The main one isthe “21” (or 20) second count
    down. That one did the trick for me. Ever since, I have conquered all
    “panic attacks”! This really works, check out his site!

  5. Nguyen Thy says:

    I’ve attempting to deal with panic and anxiety attacks for 10 years till
    I’ve found the most effective provided by PanicAwayProgram. It help me stop
    it permanently by some simple techniques that I have never recognized
    before. And you can, too. Look into below web site to acquire more

  6. Superstitious33 says:

    I have panic attacks whenever I go to my biology class on the 3rd floor of
    my school, do you have any advice to help me? It’s right in the middle of
    the day too, around noon

  7. Catwomann says:

    The program is amazing. I have a goal to kill the anxiety and panic attacks
    by Christmas. This has been really helpful! :3

  8. Tessa Carlyle Mitchell says:

    i also did not believe it would work but it really does

  9. Laura Rachel says:

    The first tip made me smile. I have never had a panic attack, but I did get
    some help for general anxiety and I remember being so shocked when my
    therapist suggested accepting the anxiety and leaning into it – encouraging
    it, almost. And I tried it and it worked and I was even more shocked! 🙂
    Great video, thanks!

  10. Panic Away says:

    Thanks 🙂

  11. Panic Away says:

    Hey, have you visited the panic away website? There is information on
    agoraphobia. The link to the website is in the description box!

  12. st77able says:

    I Think you are completely right. Thats the way should be followed

  13. Panic Away says:

    You’re welcome. Please visit our website for more information.

  14. Panic Away says:

    Wow, thanks for that Omar, so happy for you!

  15. Panic Away says:

    Great to hear Julian! Keep up the good work.

  16. acb6446 says:

    that would be the very best thing to do, but take baby steps. If you don’t
    drive, then sit in your car at the beginning, that in itself is a big
    accomplishment. Next just drive out of your driveway and so on. If it’s
    going into a store, then you can just go to the door at first, then walk
    down one ailse next visit, reading labels helps, next time buy one item
    etc. I now coach people with panic attacks etc, as I was agoraphobic for
    many, many years…………..wouldn’t even go to my mailbox.

  17. krom1415 says:

    Great advice there, Do you feel that gradual exposure to the fear producing
    situations is good? from an already agoraphobic person.

  18. Panic Away says:

    Three Things NOT to do during a panic attack by Barry Mc Donagh.

  19. OmarTheGuy says:

    I can tell you from first hand experience. This is 100% True!!! I was
    absolutely terrified of going out to dinner with my family and my
    girlfriend’s family for fear of having an “attack.” Ever since I started
    seeking them out and actually wanting one and not caring if I had one or
    not, I have been a much ore calm person. It Works!

  20. falco4377 says:

    masturbation helps

  21. Stephanie Ann says:

    Wow, I will try this. Thank you.

  22. Julian Rihacek says:

    Many, many thanks for the help. It actually does work, which I didn’t
    really believe. So much more freedom in life thanks to this program. –
    Julian, Vienna

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