Tips on dealing with anxiety and panic attacks

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I love how many youtubers have made such inspirational videos about mental illnesses, self-esteem, bullying and other topics that should really be focused on…
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2 Responses to “Tips on dealing with anxiety and panic attacks”

  1. CassandraTroy says:

    I had no idea how bad phobias were until I started to have them myself
    recently. Never even thought about it much or believed it could happen to
    me in a million years. You’ve given some great advice.

  2. Ema Rosevie says:

    Sweetheart, I know how you feel! Dealing with mental illness is one of the
    most difficult things in the world but some people just can’t understand
    it. I guess the only way for most human beings to understand something is
    to go through it. It’s nice of you to try and help people 🙂

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