Toms PANIC ATTACK scene!

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (8)

Casualty series 27 episode 34 toms panic attack scene! I have to say I was hyperventilating with Tom! Enjoyyyyyy.
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8 Responses to “Toms PANIC ATTACK scene!”

  1. Georgia Chapman says:

    Please could someone post the full episode please I need 2 see wat happens´╗┐

  2. Dani Finley says:

    Tom!!!!!!!! It wasnt your fault. Calm down babes you cant let what happened
    to Ruth happen to you

  3. Chloeandaaron1 says:

    Thank god Tom is on the mend with his meds! I wonder if hell get addicted
    to them?! O0o

  4. harrystylesismine200 says:

    Poor Tom!

  5. Chloeandaaron1 says:

    Omg what happens?! Ahh I need to know what happens!

  6. Chloeandaaron1 says:

    OMG same! It was so terrible and then he went towards the stairs!!!

  7. Katie Green says:

    I actually was hyperventilating with him and next weeks episode i thibk i
    will again!!!!!!xxx:'(!!!xoxox

  8. Lindsay M says:

    do you wanna know what happens? my friend told me cause he got the episode
    online! x

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