Tony Soprano Uncle Bens induced anxiety attack

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Racism isn’t funny!
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14 Responses to “Tony Soprano Uncle Bens induced anxiety attack”

  1. praisethedog says:

    haha sad that his daughter is going out whit a jewniger haha

  2. mrtundra45 says:

    hes a jewigger lol

  3. ontariobuds says:

    Uncle Ben’s rice, 100% nigger

  4. tomjaykens says:

    fucking niggers

  5. killomata27 says:

    blegh….I hate V8.

  6. stealthkiller2107 says:

    What an ugly half nigger specimen. I’m surprised Tony didn’t knock him out right there.

  7. jerzeytpke says:

    LOL Mulimounge AKA Eggplant in Italian LMFAO!

  8. JackEl3elm says:

    It is funny u stupid fuck !!

    I am not Italian but I love the way they talk

  9. StyrbjornStarke says:

    Dont fuck with uncle ben

  10. directorjoefazio says:

    Uncle ben

  11. AngstFisch says:

    See that the kind of thing I was hoping to avoid.

  12. anthonym267 says:

    hes lucky tony didn’t beat him half to death.

  13. NorthSea0il says:

    scene always makes me laugh

  14. poops1 says:

    uncle ben’s LMFAO

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