Treating Panic Attacks with VCDT (Visual Coding Displacement Therapy)

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Nik & Eva use their patented VCDT to cure Kym Marsh of her panic attacks
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8 Responses to “Treating Panic Attacks with VCDT (Visual Coding Displacement Therapy)”

  1. zowie246 says:

    I was suffering with PTSD for almost 10 years and then I was treated with VCDT and it worked like magic. I could not believe that 10 years of pain could be taken away so quickly. This technique is amazing and should be available on the NHS.

  2. MalloryPowell1 says:

    Great Video, I suffered for year with Panic Attacks,I put it down to The Panic Away System – ** badanxiety . info

  3. MalloryPowell1 says:

    Great Audio from Panic Attack Sufferers,Listen now, it will help you Heal – ** badanxiety . info

  4. TuRdSandwitch18 says:

    i dont get ur question? most therapists charge by the hour but if u’re cured in 5 minutes it doenst really make sense (if that’s what your talking about)

  5. anywayup695 says:

    VCDT seems an amazing technique. how do I learn more?

  6. 2009European says:

    I`m suffer of this illness to, some times scary to die of brain-bleeding and scary to die of heart-stop – 27 years old male !

    Death fear !

  7. richardmoores says:

    One slight problem with Nic and Eva; although I have no doubt that their methods work, and people really do cure their anxiety/depression/phobias, why does it have to cost so much?? It means that those of small means, probably because of their challenges, have to suffer with their problems, and have to get on meds. Why does this thing HAVE TO DISCLUDE THOSE WHO NEED IT THE MOST?

  8. itstartedwithbandler says:

    Panic attacks and anxieties are more and more common. VCDT should be taught in hospitals and to all medical professionals, it would save the Government and the Health Service a fortune in prozac and the like.

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