Treatment panic attack

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10 Responses to “Treatment panic attack”

  1. Justericpersonal says:

    Praying for you cookie. I hope things get better, Ily you’re really
    awesome. Please hang in there :)

  2. Morgan Cloud says:

    I’m sorry

  3. Calvin21X says:

    I think you have ADD. Have you ever been evaluated for it? If left
    untreated, in some cases it can lead to anxiety and other issues. You
    shouldn’t really rely on benzos to treat all your anxiety because tolerance
    and dependence will occur, there are also stuff like Zoloft and Paxil
    approved for panic disorder, these are for maintenance and prevention of a
    panic attack.

  4. dm100971 says:

    Poor Cookie needs to cuddle. Cuddling is good for anxiety.
    Oooh! New patio chairs!!!
    Sophie’s like, “WTF, man!!!!”

  5. EvaSlash says:

    So what sparked your panic attack? That is why you need IOP? BTW nice

  6. ~*COOKIE*~ says:

    Add a message to your video

  7. Topsy Krets says:

    I don’t mean to take away from your situation, but I just wanted to say
    that you look BEAUTIFUL without make-up on, you’re a lucky gal!

  8. bart4runescape says:

    omfg 2147 videos…

  9. LilMissEmo24 says:

    I have an inhaler if you want it

  10. Edgar Lopez says:

    Please have my baby

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