Understand Agoraphobia And Prevent It Effectively

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Understand Agoraphobia And Prevent It Effectively

Article by Les Evans

Agoraphobia comes from Greek words meaning “marketplace” and “fear.” Agoraphobia, characterized by a person’s fear of fear, is actually a form of social anxiety disorder. People avoid specific circumstances that offer no chance of escape when diagnosed with agoraphobia. In addition, diagnosed patients also avoid places such as malls, airports and markets, especially when these places are large and unfamiliar. In most cases agoraphobia patients see their home as the only “safe place,” restricting their activity.

Although agoraphobia’s main causes are still widely unknown, this disease is generally linked to stressful environments, substance abuse and generalized anxiety disorder. Agoraphobia treatment often includes a gradual treatment of drug dependence and also a period of abstinence, while the regular use of sleeping pills such as benzodiapines and tranquilizers can actually exacerbate the situation. Frequent panic attacks also characterize persons with agoraphobia, wherein restrictions from interacting with other people are made to stop panic attacks.Common agoraphobia symptomsWhen one is diagnosed with agoraphobia, not only does that person worries about panic attacks. Other symptoms include:*Fear of being alone in public*Fear of crowds*Fear of restricted places such as elevators*Overdependence on other people*Helplessness feelings*Panic attack symptoms such as chest pains, fast heartbeat rate, breathing difficulties, nausea, dizziness, excessive sweating and flushingConsulting a doctor helpsAgoraphobia seriously affects your ability to socialize with other people, routine activities, or even your job. The quality of your life and then lives of your loved ones, like your family or your partner would also be affected. Truly, agoraphobia is a serious medical condition.

Whenever you suffer from agoraphobia, most likely, you will become a prisoner right at your own home. Patients suffering from agoraphobia would rarely leave their safe zone, for it is common for them to anticipate the coming of panic attacks. Places to socialize would become fewer and fewer, trapping the patient in a vicious cycle.Anxiety and depression can also result from agoraphobia; due to the fact that it severely limits your association with other people, while limiting your daily activities. Also, most patients are even tempted to take substances in order for them to escape from the difficult realities of having this disease. Overcoming depression and stopping panic attacks may be very difficult task when agoraphobia treatment is not sought.Things that you can do It is understandable that consulting a professional would be a very difficult experience for people suffering from agoraphobia. Following are helpful steps to be done:*Take note of the presence of symptoms experienced*Pay attention in documenting experiences that have induced great stress or that have changed your life*Diagnosed physical and mental health conditions should always be recorded*In cases of appointment with professionals, the company of trusted family members would greatly help, giving you valuable moral and informational support*Do not be afraid of asking questions when on appointment

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