Update and Exposure – Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia

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Going to my mail box down the road and a little update on my life!

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24 Responses to “Update and Exposure – Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia”

  1. Andy Hills says:


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  2. Rebecca Love says:

    I am housebound as well I get the same Bullshit from local therapists I don’t have anyone that can help me I have been house bound for 5 years I can’t hardly leave my driveway.

  3. Rebecca Love says:

    I tired that and it did nothing for me.

  4. Tyler Gilliam says:

    get the linden method worked great for me almost cured trust me.

  5. Dolcelino Myto says:

    I have Agoraphobia,depression and social anxiety this is not a joke. I been having this for almost 5 yrs now. I been really sick lately seen many psychologists all they do is same story write down thats wrong with you. seen many psychiatric doctor they dont help they just play around,medicines temporary thing. Its better if I go back to sicily and drink wine all day no anxiety I guess

  6. percaine says:

    I’m dealing with the same thing and I agree it’s really hard. Most people say they understand but they really don’t..good luck and hopefully your exposure will go better than mine..:)

  7. rumbler227 says:

    Nice work! How’s the exposure treatment going?

  8. rym tadet says:

    maybe I’m married

  9. Romeo G says:

    Maybe ur single because you are scared?

  10. Graymoths says:

    There’s something inhumanely cruel about critiquing the appearance of someone who you KNOW already have an anxiety disorder. Please be a little more compassionate towards others

  11. rym tadet says:

    Maybe you’re scared of going outside because people will see your weird eyebrows?

  12. Patrick knowling says:

    I used to have panic disorder myself. I would wake up in the middle of the night and have a panic attack.

  13. Inachu Ikimasho says:

    I think you are misdiagnosed. I have similar thing but I call it FACE TIME. Seeing too many people makes you all introverted. Also happens when experiencing too many negatives or people pushing you out of your own safety zone. Its good you are getting out and that is like building up STAMINA psyche.

  14. LRW96LIVE says:

    good on you, I used to be the very same with my agoraphobia, and I tackled it the same way you are.

    You described the experience the exact same way I remember it! I can only speak for myself but I reckon you will one day learn to truly embrace and enjoy the outside, like me.

    Keep up the great work!

  15. Samual Kashuba says:

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  16. Blunt Dorothy M. says:

    To stop panic disorders permanently, you need to know exactly what cause it, how to avoid it as well as what make it worse.
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  17. Candy Ann says:

    i cant even go to a tv show, my panic attacks are so bad. i feel like im floating if i leave the house.

  18. Maddy wedontknow says:

    I have agoraphobia really bad. I’m about to make a video on it so check my channel here soon

  19. Leeroy says:

    Nardil.. trust me babe you’ll love the fresh air. i’m doing the agoraphobic videos as well now because of its help.

  20. Lithia Shadows says:

    I try my best to distract mysel whenever I panic but it doesnt always work whenever I go out. I havee to be with a really trusted friend but someimes that doesnt even work even with someone like my family ._. Any advice you could give me on this please?

  21. Oscar Lawl says:

    To stop panic disorders permanently, you need to know exactly what cause it, how to avoid it as well as what make it worse.
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  22. Kelly Wigginton says:

    im not in your situation, but its really hard for me to go to walmart and such places with alot of people. i just go really early when they open or i dont go at all. one of my old friends came into town and i didnt even go and see him because there was going to be a party. its an imprisoning feeling. when i get insurance, i will start to see a councelor or something but they prob will just want to put me on anti depressants and i dont want to have to take something every day like that

  23. TeriGoodw1 says:

    Distraction helps me thru panic and anxiety too. I sure hope things get better for you honey, I know exactly how you feel, Ive been there…sometimes still have problems with agoraphobia but mostly just anxiety and panic. I limit myself terribly, but….what else can I do? I shoot for no drama and less anxiety and hope for the best!

  24. IIVikingII says:

    Wow. Best of lock to you, i hope some day everything goes your way.

    I don’t have agoraphobia myself. “Only” social anxiety and fear of public places. Can’t leave my house either way lol. Takes days of preparation to even get a haircut.

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