virtual reality therapy

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Virtual-reality therapy I was a form of systematic systematic desensitization, which employs feature theory as it relates to Geon and templates.
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22 Responses to “virtual reality therapy”

  1. MrGrevy says:

    @swiftyswifster2 Imagine how real it is now. Probably have negresses eating their dinner, crackheads screaming at people…anxiety inducing for sure!

  2. MrGrevy says:

    Did she get a powerup?

  3. mousesnow16 says:

    Hey there! Have you tried anxiety zero technique (I think its at Ive heard some amazing things about it and my father pretty much cured worries with it.

  4. ssinn5 says:

    @ninjaOboy as i recall you actually do die…

  5. sabithashasi says:

    Try online Latino women profiles

  6. ninjaOboy says:

    i want to go there and say i cant get over the time i nearly died fighting aliens on a far away planet called reach

  7. Flowtail says:

    @cucku4u there’s a game for helping kids get over divorce, but that’s all i’ve herd of.

  8. Flowtail says:

    @shooterman13 There is actually a fear of technology. o_O

  9. shooterman13 says:

    WHat if you have a fear of virtual reality? lol

  10. swiftyswifster2 says:

    Better graphics plz? I definitely wouldn’t get better by walking through a choppy pixelated train with motionless people..

  11. TheChouse27 says:

    Pretty awesome graphics for 1997.

  12. KaciQuill says:

    Do not depurate be happy with naughty women

  13. cucku4u says:

    I wish they had one for children that suffered from various types of abuse and domestic violence situations.

  14. VZonesVirtualWorlds says:

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  15. redfoxbennaton says:

    I wish I was her.

  16. lensalaco says:

    is there a way this video can be posted again? I was unable to view the entire thing, but it was very interesting and I’m giving a presentation on specific phobias. I thought it would be good to study and present.

  17. shorty6321 says:

    that would have been hilarious

  18. StickmanEMK says:

    what if they programed the train to crash at a the end? 😀

  19. pvknitwit says:

    Fears and anxiety are very REAL, and even if you don’t have any fears today, the chemical make-up of our bodies and our lifestyles can change all that – seemingly over night!

  20. creten69 says:

    do u have virtual suicide?I want to try hanging and a shot gun,fun stuff.:)

  21. Bl00dyMery says:


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