VLOG 08 14 2013 Panic Attack in car

Posted by Debankur Banerjee Comments (25)

Today I have a full blown panic attack while driving in the car. This is what an agoraphobic goes through regularly. Note this was not as bad as they get. Th…
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25 Responses to “VLOG 08 14 2013 Panic Attack in car”

  1. The Journey to Freedom says:

    I have been dealing with´╗┐ this since Dec 7th 1985, when I was 25 years old. I am now 53.

  2. Thanie says:

    ­čÖü ikr it so´╗┐ hard when other can just do whatever how long have u been dealing with it ?

  3. The Journey to Freedom says:

    yes its taken its toll. I am not fully the person I know I can be, and its frustrating and yes that takes a toll, because its like living´╗┐ in a prison of your mind, and you didn’t do anything wrong to be in it.

  4. Thanie says:

    hope ull´╗┐ feel better there allwaise good and bad days stay strong . it tough !

  5. Thanie says:

    it terrible ­čÖü living´╗┐ with anixety it drain u mentally , & physically it crashes ur soul ,:(

  6. The Journey to Freedom says:

    sure just email me at´╗┐ rugbyfanfla@gmail.com

  7. Destiny Angelyn says:

    Kevin am I allowed to email you to tell you more. My email´╗┐ is faithgirly999@gmail.com. I will tell you more. Thank you for commenting I will tell you in a email

  8. The Journey to Freedom says:

    Nice to hear from you Destiny. I hope your situation has improved. I know that the one thing we can do is keep getting out there´╗┐ and in front of it. Exposure therapy is the only thing we can do ourselves, and without medicine that will help us conquer it.

  9. Destiny Angelyn says:

    Just thinking about it. And the other time my husband had to do the same thing.´╗┐

  10. Destiny Angelyn says:

    I agree completely with you dude. I was lucky enough to not be in a car when mine happen sometimes but I was at work. So I work as a music teacher at a cyber school and we are in cublicals in the building and I went to the same school that I teach a in high school and some of the same teachers I had still work there and my favorite teacher that is my co worker now literally had to come in my cubical and lay me down on the floor and she had to hug me so tight to calm me down. It´╗┐ makes me cry

  11. The Journey to Freedom says:

    Dude, don’t allow yourself to become a prisoner of your own home. Keep going out, and don’t´╗┐ do what I did and that is just avoid, and by doing that you give in to this horrible disease. DO NOT LET IT WIN !

  12. Pullinbig says:

    Just know you’re´╗┐ not alone, and though we’ve now dealt with many attacks, we are still alive, and still well. Keep that in mind.

  13. Pullinbig says:

    If someone hasn’t experienced one there’s no way you can make them understand. I’ve been reading about trying to just accept the panic and understand it’s fight/flight misplaced, and when you get confident it starts to go away. But very hard when you’re in that irrational state of mind where you just want to react. Sometimes thinking about sex or getting myself angry also helps´╗┐ take it away. I read somewhere those 2 things and anxiety cannot coexist.

  14. Pullinbig says:

    I just write mine down, no vids, but it looks like I have similar reactions you do. I had atrial fib when I was 25 and became super sensitive´╗┐ to my heartbeat, which started it. So workouts simulate the same feelings as an AFib attack (short fast breathing, high heart rate). But yea, the other day I was having panic in the middle of workout, then decided i don’t care, going to finish. And the exertion did take it away. But still I have a hangup with it. And lately, becoming agoraphobic.

  15. The Journey to Freedom says:

    Thanks brother, It’s so much tougher than folks can imagine. I wish you the best on your journey. Do you have a channel making videos of your progress ? I used to think working out would cause the attacks, but I have found that it’s actually helped me be calmer. I seem to let off a lot of´╗┐ my stress

  16. Pullinbig says:

    I so sympathize with you my man. In the past month I feel like I’m getting boxed in more and more ,but I have to keep getting to work, have to keep working out (workouts cause me panic attacks). It leaves you feeling hopeless sometimes. With the breathing, try slowing your breathing. Notice it’s hard for you to finish your sentences. I get that.´╗┐ Brain is not in think mode, it’s in survive mode, which doesn’t require thinking. Feel for you. I wish you the best on the road to recovery.

  17. The Journey to Freedom says:

    Thanks for watching and yes it’s a feeling that’s hard to explain to those that don’t suffer from this. They just think we´╗┐ should snap out fingers and it will go away. Sorry, doesn’t work that way.

  18. BigTownBrum says:

    Watching this was like´╗┐ seeing myself; I do the same tapping/slapping stuff – it’s like the energy has to be expended somehow! When I am having a panic attack I find it impossible to be rational; I am convinced I am dying. It is a feeling of pure terror. Thank you for sharing this and please know you’re not alone.

  19. The Journey to Freedom says:

    Thanks Ross….I’ve progressed since this time, but still pretty bad with the´╗┐ anxiety attacks.

  20. naturalaestheticstv says:

    good´╗┐ video mate

  21. The Journey to Freedom says:

    Hey Pete, I’m trying sir. It’s been difficult but liberating at the same time. I’m hoping to break´╗┐ the chains of the prison I’ve been living in these so many years.

  22. PeteMercerFitness says:

    I could feel the anxiety building as the video continued. That was a very raw and powerful conclusion, Kevin. This took a lot of bravery to share,´╗┐ and I’m very proud of what you achieved. You’re an incredibly strong person; I know your determination will get you through this.

  23. The Journey to Freedom says:

    Thanks for the link,´╗┐ I’ll check it out.

  24. Chousein Chalil says:

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  25. The Journey to Freedom says:

    Thanks brother, you know how it´╗┐ is, we suffer but we persevere ! I am determined to get over this disorder !

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