Vlog #2 – Superbowl, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, NYC, Valentine’s Day

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hey guys…this is pretty personal. Not sure if I will leave video this up. I’m not proud of some of this stuff that I talk about, but its real and its my life. Love you guys. Boyfriend Tag:…

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24 Responses to “Vlog #2 – Superbowl, Anxiety & Panic Attacks, NYC, Valentine’s Day”

  1. MiniMeeshie says:

    +Ana Villarreal I accidentally deleted your comment when I clicked “read
    more” !!! Ahhh 🙁 if you don’t mind sending it again I would love to read
    what you had to say <3

  2. A JOURNEY EAST | Beauty & Fashion says:

    Your Valentine’s Day gift is seriously SO cute! I’m so sorry you struggle
    so badly with your anxiety. I completely understand what you’re feeling and
    if you ever wanna talk please don’t hesitate to reach out to me 🙂 I’ve
    suffered from really bad social anxiety for years and am still learning how
    to cope :/ Hope you had a great visit with your guy, I still need to watch
    the Boyfriend Tag! xx

  3. dreeeuh_ says:

    I literally love you so much already ! And I just started watching you ! I
    got so teary eyed when you started crying :(( I’m so proud of you going to
    the game!

  4. Rosie Ramirez says:

    Hi Michelle, please don’t feel bad about your anxiety. My husband suffers
    from anxiety as well but it does not take away from any of his
    accomplishments in life. In fact, I think having to suffer from anxiety
    while attaining ones goals shows just how strong and enduring you are!!
    Another thing, like my husband you seem like a very empathetic person
    because you know what it feels like to be different and some what socially
    outcasted. Our society needs to be more empathic and understanding towards
    personality disorders such as, anxiety, and depression. I personally suffer
    from both as well but not as bad as you or my husband. The one piece of
    advice I will give you: always surround yourself with positive people. It
    helps a whole bunch!! Oh and don’t ever compare yourself to anyone you are
    beautiful just the way you are with or with out your anxiety problems!!

  5. Mel L says:

    I have a jar like that with happy notes and funny moments. If i had a
    boyfriend i would’ve so done the same thing. It means so much. And i’m so
    happy for you that you’re happy with this channel! You just made hundreds
    of friends 🙂 I love how everyone is so positive here, I will personally
    eat the first one to be negative. I understand you I’ve had a nice little
    mix of anxiety, shyness and depression from 14 to 18. For a year now i’ve
    been so happy and everything gets better each and every day. Feeling this
    way still amazes me after feeling all types of way roller coaster style for
    what felt like forever. And the worst was feeling like I didn’t have the
    right to be like that because my life is nice (and I still have no idea why
    it all happened). I felt like it was an invisible fight everyday. So as you
    can see many people get you, no judgements and much support! Just wishing
    you the very best. :))) 1:14 am right now and i’m babysitting at 8 am. This
    child better be extra calm.

  6. Alexandra Parker says:

    Lol sorry love…I’m a Ravens fan. Team AFC but eh…Lol my fiancé and I
    didn’t even watch it lol! That’s such a cute gift idea for the bf! I might
    do that for my babe! You’re such a cute gf your man better be grateful! I
    understand your anxiety. I was diagnosed with Psychological Pruritus
    recently where I’m scratching and itching out of anxiety and stress. It’s
    not like skin picking but I’ve been suffering for such a long time. I can’t
    be in clubs or places like that for long though tbh. Honestly, I thought
    about that too. Idek how I’m planning my wedding knowing I’m probably gonna
    break down before saying I do Cuz it can’t deal with people or the thought
    of people watch me do stuff in large crowds! I do my best to suck it up
    honestly but I don’t ever tell anyone that. If you ever need someone to
    talk to im here (: 

  7. Zerina [The Belle Adventures] says:

    Aww this made me emotional 🙁 I’m so proud of you for going to the game
    though! I can’t imagine how difficult and draining it must be to suffer
    from anxiety like that. I have mild issues and have only had one panic
    attack ever, but even that annoys me so much that I’m so sorry you have to
    go through what you go through… 🙁 

  8. Modern Martha by Kelsey says:

    Very thoughtful gift idea. And PS, I cannot find those Red Velvet Oreos
    I haven’t dealt with anxiety firsthand, so I can’t recommend anything, but
    definitely talk to more people about it. Someone can help you work through
    it or give you tips on how to deal. 

  9. socialbondage says:

    I have a problem, I worry to much, I’m always trying to please
    people. When really I just want to say NO. Anytime I’m around a large crowd
    I try to run to a hiding spot for cover. In other words, I just want be
    alone. I’m not a social person but I believe if I could look myself in the
    mirror everyday and say “I LOVE MYSELF” for an entire year, I believe my
    social anxiety will cease but sadly I’m inconsistent. So this year I
    started a You Tube channel call social bondage I will finally share my life
    experience with everyone because we all have a story but most of us hide it
    in our hearts that’s why we be stress, and sick with suicidal thought’s. WE

  10. Ellko says:

    Check out my girl Michelle’s video- as someone who struggles with anxiety,
    it was really helpful for me to connect with someone who does too. You guys
    will love this.

  11. hulaluv11 says:

    Girl I feel your pain…I have panic disorder w/agoraphobia….I’ve had it
    for years….anxiety is not only emotionally painful it’s physically
    painful as well….you will feel better…keep pushing through…one thing
    I do recommend is never stop doing things like leaving your house for long
    periods of time because it can progress slowly to agoraphobia and leave u
    housebound…. keep going…..get out ….baby steps…

  12. Matthew LeBrun says:

    all of “my” stuffed animal children????? pff! :P

  13. nothingelse88 says:

    Hi Michelle, I’m sorry you suffer from anxiety. Your anxiety and panic
    attacks unfortunately sound very familiar to me. How brave of you to go to
    the soccer game!! Have you ever heard of the book “Hope and help for your
    nerves” by Claire Weekes? Although it’s an old book, it’s reassuring and
    soothing for me to read. I wish you the best of luck from the Netherlands

  14. DeadGypsie says:

    I honestly loved this vlog so much. The fact that you had the courage to
    upload your honest feelings about anxiety was so raw, and to me at least,
    such a pleasure to watch. Not that I enjoy watching you cry, but I totally
    appreciate when a person can openly break down about issues so many other
    people have issues with. You become so relatable – and I love that you. You
    are so amazingly beautiful and I’m so blessed to have you as a friend here
    on yt. <3 Your boyfriend is such a sweet heart and I'm so glad the both of
    you got to snuggle up and enjoy each others presence. I'm headed now to
    watch your bf tag. 8] <3 

  15. Kristin Claxton says:

    I started to tear up watching this! I know exactly what you’re going
    through. People who don’t have anxiety don’t understand how hard it is. Do
    you have general anxiety or social anxiety? Or both? Oh dear. I wish I
    could snap my fingers (why isn’t magic real bleh) and it’d go away! Hang in
    there, Michelle! I was rooting for you to go to the game. Yippee! Tell that
    Minion I say hey lol <3

  16. Diana Nicole says:

    This video really resonated me because I have experienced panic attacks
    before. It was really bad this past year and it got a lot worse after my
    father passed away. It always happened to me in school which was so weird
    because I never experienced those feelings before. It made me feel ashamed.
    It was so hard for me to be in class around other people without
    experiencing panic. I remember the last time I was in class I started to
    notice I was feeling anxious. Instead of just fighting through it I just
    got up and left the classroom. I still have nightmares about that day. A
    lot of the teachers knew what I was going through and were understanding
    but I refused to go back. I finished up high school through homeschooling
    and online school. A lot of my extended family members didn’t understand
    why I was acting the way I was and I still don’t know how to explain it to
    them. I’m grateful for the support I have from my mom and older sister.
    It’s essential to have people who care in your life. Your boyfriend is
    awesome! I’m so happy your Valentine’s Day weekend went amazing. Stay

  17. Jan Schoolmeyer says:

    When I was in my early twenties I suffered from panic attacks. I couldn’t
    be home by myself or go anywhere alone or I would get a panic attack.
    Medication helped, but it is just the way some people react to stress. I
    got married at 19 and it was a terrible marriage and I got panic attacks
    almost everyday. When we divorced I got them a lot less. I’ve noticed over
    the years that they always happen when something very stressful is going on
    in my life. Also, when you get a panic attack it is the FEAR of getting
    another one that stops us from doing things we would normally enjoy. It
    will get better. As time goes on you will learn to just to let it happen
    and realize that it will pass. 

  18. If The Stiletto Fits says:

    Aw I’m so glad you posted this! You guys seem like such a perfect couple,
    your gifts for each other were so so sweet! I hope all the support and love
    you receive from him and all of us in your YouTube family make things a
    little bit easier! So sorry to hear how you struggle, I can only imagine. I
    appreciate you being open and honest about it, that takes courage and shows
    how strong you are! I literally screamed, “yayyy!!” when you showed up at
    the soccer game! Big huge hugs mama!

  19. Bows and Nails says:

    I’m glad you got to go to the soccer game! Panic attacks are no joke and
    unless you have them its hard to explain to others how you feel. My meds
    take my anxiety down a notch but they don’t always work. Hang in there you
    are beautiful. My dog helps me when I feel really anxious so when you get
    your frenchie you’ll be surprised how much they can help. Pigmented love
    and kisses. <3

  20. Vania Shalala says:

    I private messaged you beauty – I wasn’t sure if you have seen it but
    thought I better let you know! Such a cute Valentine’s Day gift that you
    got your bf and vice versa xx

  21. sophia storer says:

    I was laughing so hard when you said if you loose the Super Bowl you will
    delete all the footage!! That is so something I would do if my team would
    loose! That homemade gift is the cutest friggin thing I’ve seen!! I’m so
    happy that you were able to go to his soccer game after your heartfelt
    story about anxiety. I’m so sorry that you struggle with it that bad. I
    wish I could give you a real hug and tell you everything will be ok.. But a
    cyber hug will do for now <3 

  22. Gerbeys Miranda says:

    Your Vday presents are all soo cute…. I totally understand your anxiety &
    panic attacks I use to have panic attack all the time when i was
    younger…. Lucky I’ve gotten so much better… Wish you the same! The only
    thing that triggers it for me now is small spaces… Which hello! I avoid
    at all cause Lol Take care love! <3 

  23. Aryn Ahlers says:

    hey girlie, hope you remember me from Facebook, didn’t realize you had a
    channel til now. I am going to have to watch your videos. I need to get
    back to video making myself now that I am feeling better..

  24. Veronica Marin says:

    omg girl trust me if i was in florida i will be your best friend …. I
    wish i can help!!!!!!!!!! Omg seeing this video had me teary .. only advise
    i can give you is to challenge yourself everyday of your life put your self
    in positions where you feel uncomfortable until you can’t take it …girl
    if you went on a plane you can do anything !!!!!!!

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