Weed triggered my very first panic attack

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I just started this channel, never done videos especially about such a touchy subject there will be a lot of ahms and uhms hang with me they can only get bet…
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25 Responses to “Weed triggered my very first panic attack”

  1. samchez thomasino says:

    Weed triggered my first panic attack, I was also very hung over and had
    suffered a death of a friend, I guess I was in a sensitive state but it
    changed my life and as a result I stopped smoking for 2 years in fear of
    another one but I must say there are some strains out there designed to
    alleviate anxiety e.g strawberry cough, girl scout cookies, silver pearl

  2. youwinoneinternets says:

    Same man, makes my gf have panic attacks too, weed caused my first panic
    attack completely out of the blue when I was feeling fine and about to
    sleep, lol I thought I was dying too, I actually went cold,numb and couldnt
    move, had to get an ambulance out. I know a few people who also get panic
    attacks on weed, I don’t know if all strains would cause it, but I’m
    pinning the blame on shitty vietnamese gang grown weed that’s been flooding
    the west for a few years now. The stuff that’s not fun just complete mong

  3. Ryan T. says:

    2:40 LOL!

  4. NYpsycho81 says:

    Iv had panic attacks for 12 years now. Mine started one night smoking also.
    Went to er. For them to tell me there nothing rong with me. Had severe
    anxiaty every since. I have at least 1 panic attack a day and am anxious
    all day. I feel like my life has been takin frome me. I used to have
    friends ride a motorcycle. Do stuff. Go places even by myself. Now I do
    nothing. I feel like I’m going to waste the rest of my life because I can’t
    control it no matter what I do, even if I think I’m having a good day, it
    turns bad. I don’t dare to do anything anymore do to the fact I might freak
    out in front of ppl. I just keep fitting it but I don’t think I’ll win…

  5. Fluz says:

    Feel better knowing am not alone

  6. Anthony Carmine says:

    This is some crazy sht I hit weed 1 time burns my chest some I hit it 2nd
    time burns my chest hit the 3 rd time I felt nothing going into my lungs I
    hit it and I felt no smoke in me then i felt invisiblable

  7. Osato Igbinoba says:

    You are not alone man happen to me I WAS SO SCARED I thought it was the end

  8. leadingsource says:

    Panic attacks are unsolved memories from past lifes that is triggered with
    some situation in this life, for some people past life hypnosis can help.
    when we dont solve a emotion they will cause some type of collapse.

  9. Jessica Riles says:

    I had my first panic attack after smoking. Weed brings out the issues you
    have. I suffer from fear so when I get high it heightens. I just have to
    deep breathe.

  10. Zack Doop says:

    I have seeds for this strain I am selling for saving incase laws change in
    your area, I don’t sell the for people looking to grow but if you want to
    order an don’t have the intent to grow message me, I am selling cannatonic
    seeds also have high CBD vape oil 0% thc 10mg 100% pure CBD legal on all 50
    states due to the passing hemp laws 

  11. WOT Endo says:

    AHHAHSDGSD GOOOOOASJ… wait what? …

  12. Exknwraj Weak says:



    Let be your life back to normal again.!

  13. KLRabstracts says:

    people lie about how cannibis will help you relax… it never actually
    does. I’d notice I felt better without it… had to deal with a psycho bf
    that made me OD on a brownie with a high dosage in the batter… As I am
    very well aware and recall Everything that happened and how it happened – I
    remember the levels of paranoia increasing with the psychidelic visions…
    with time, within 3 months, the psycho ex would manipulate me to have
    anxiety attacks. they were mild, but they were still there. it’s been about
    5 months since I left him… I was surprised with news that unfortunately
    triggered memories… so my PTSD kicked in… and although today’s topics
    were all filled with good vibes – I had a nasty panic attack … my heart
    would not stop pounding. I decided to research and found your video… so
    this tells me just how much that ex was trying to mess me up. thankfully
    the cannibis didn’t enhance the PTSD I already had, but it more than likely
    made that level of anxiety remain and linger. – thank you for sharing the
    knowledge. Namaste.

  14. Ganjiek says:

    uhh um uhh lol you could have told this story in half the time

  15. 2011thekaj says:

    Hey brother, this shit is all fucked up man. I was 14 when I got hit in the
    brain waves with this shit. This is the first video I’ve watched that
    relates to what I went threw and I can see how it effects me now. I’ll put
    up a video and tell you my story man. Maybe my story will help and I think
    I really need to get some insite. I miss smoking like a lost love. I’ll
    have a joint on my video and we can see how things change for me. I wanna
    figure it out because I wanna enjoy being stoned again.

  16. 2011thekaj says:

    I did turn away from smoking because it triggers my anxiety straight up.
    But If I don’t smoke now, I’m dealing with a very mild case but back then
    everything you saying relates. I dealt with it by my self and I’ll tell you
    how and how it has fucked up my life as a adult, I have four children and I
    always give up at everything I try. It sucks so bad…

  17. Lostinthefog87 says:

    Read “Hope and Help for your nerves” by Dr. Claire Weekes bro. I’m not
    making any money off of this I swear to god. I used to have panic attacks
    every day for years and this book saved my fucking life. Hell, even if you
    just type her name into youtube or google there should be info to help you.
    She explained anxiety and panic attacks in a way that truly helped me
    recovery. Its been years and no panic attacks man…let me know what you

  18. INFORMED TV says:

    I encorage every young person to never start Marijuana. I personally know
    at least 7 people who never had anxiety issues and panic attacks before
    they started smoking weed. One other person never smoked it, but just was
    around the smoke and later developed panic attacks. This doesn’t surprise
    me after learning areas of the brain Marijuana Attacks. 5 of them are still
    trying to quit the drug. They all wish they could sue all those nameless
    people online who pushed lies luring them to the drug.

  19. Andresa Adolthine says:

    I’ve attempting to deal with panic and anxiety attacks for a decade until I
    have discovered the remedy given by PanicAwayProgram. It assist me to stop
    it completely by some easy tricks that I have not recognized before. So you
    can, too. Take a look at here to find out more:

  20. donnie inman says:

    I think what causes panic is a fear of something that may have happened to
    in a point of your and the littlest thing can trigger it like a childhood
    memory, the smell of something and you need some nerve pills to help you
    figure out what it is ,it’s scary to feel like something bads going happy
    the of failing at something maybe you need nature or a peice of mind to
    figure what is cause it maybe a vacation with someone you feel confortable
    with and exersize your thought .i have a panic or anzie

  21. donnie inman says:

    I have anziety attacts i know and i eat better like organics instead all
    that cancer causing foods , and it helps me alot. So i hope the for anybody
    a panic anziety attacks cause it is not fun. Oh yeah get alot of house
    plants or go into forest for walk cause plants will help just live a little
    healther you will feel better and live a little longer.good luck

  22. Yasmine Rodriguéz says:

    exact same thing with me… i know how it feels.

  23. Ruth J. Delavega says:

    To stop panic attacks entirely, you must understand what cause it,
    solutions to avoid it as well as what worsen it. Visit below web site to
    acquire more information: help1.info/panic-attacks-cure

  24. Max Payne says:

    i had a edible back in june it gave me a panic attack i didnt like the high
    feeling at all

  25. theHAHA111 says:

    Alright guys let me tell you my story with marijuana. So I am on zoloft
    50mg for my panic disorder/anxiety problems, recently I had started smoking
    again. I was smoking for about a week straight everyday after coming off a
    6 month break. This time when I smoked I had no panic attacks when smoking,
    it almost seemed like I had a strong tolerance to weed. I didn’t start
    getting panic attacks again til days AFTER i smoked, it was almost twice as
    bad. I would really recommend you be really careful.

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