Your Questions About Managing Your Anxiety

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Carol asks…

How are you managing your generalized anxiety disorder?

.e. with prescription meds, natural herbs/remedies, exercise and healthy diet and or psychotherapy?. Please give the name of what meds and or herbs your taking, I want to know what works best for you I have had this for 10 years and want to know if their is something I havent tried yet!
thank you in advance

ask.deban answers:

Have you tried Pregabaline?

It works very differently from a lot of anxiety meds, and is approved for GAD.

Ken asks…

How do you manage your anxiety?

I’ve known a few people that have had anxiety so badly that they have hardly been able to function without medications. I do alright, but I get extremely nervous on exams and job interviews, and will often make a mindless mistake out of fear and anxiety. What have some of you long-time sufferers of anxiety done to help yourselves during times when anxiety could have made or broken you?

ask.deban answers:

May I suggest that you instead of aiming to ‘manage’ your anxiety, you should cure it? Doctors seem to use this word ‘manage’, because they don’t think it can be cured. But I think they’re wrong.

There are lots of things you can do to help yourself by keeping healthy – like eating lots of fresh (ideally organic) vegetables and fruit, exercising (walking’s great!), breathing properly, and I like the suggestion of meditating (but that’s not everyone’s thing).

But in regard to curing your anxiety, there are a couple of good self-help programs available on the web, but I recommend you consider The Linden Method. Charles Linden promises to cure anxiety disorders – and has a 96.7% success rate, and a 365 day money back guarantee. I’ve seen some people comment that it’s quite expensive, but it’s around $100 – $180 (depending on which option you order), and to be cured of your anxiety problems could mean the difference between passing an exam, or not, or getting a good job, or not.
BTW – they discovered that anxiety disorders are caused by a little area of the brain that gets wired incorrectly – and it’s quite simple to re-wire it, but until you do that no amount of counselling, or medication, will cure it.

Perhaps I should add that to be nervous before and during exams and job interviews is really pretty normal – it’s just that the extent of your anxiety may be above what is considered normal. For as long as I can remember (I’m now 49) I was scared of …. Wait for it …. Moths. I knew it was silly, but it didn’t stop me cringing and running from a room when a moth appeared – even a little one. I’m pleased to report I’ve been able to cure it!

I hope that helps.

Laura asks…

Answer this question if you are good at managing anxiety fears or stress in your life or someone else’s life.?

I have had a problem for a few years where I feel the smallest bit of confidence pertaining to all sorts of tasks including keeping my grades up (although i made the deans list 1 out of 1 times at college), lack of confidence around my boss at work so i get all nervous, lack of confidence doing my normal everyday job so i get nervous and feel dizzy, ESPECIALLY anxious during the times i have to speak in front of a classroom whether I know my stuff or not. Here’s a perfect example that may help you understand. I can solve a rubiks cube in 2 minutes every time, but put me in front of 10 or more people and I start to shake, I start to sweat, I think about all the worst things that could happen, I think about what i look like to them, I cannot concentrate no matter how hard i try, and I literally cannot solve it completely due to nervousness anxiety and or lack of confidence. But its not just a Rubik cube. My day to day struggles include doing homework. I am intimidated when there are people in the class who have a better grade than me so much that I feel confused and worthless. I truly am capable athletic and I have no money problems, no woman problems or friend problems. When its a 1 on 1 relationship I am completely fine and very relaxed, but as you add stress in my life (regular stress related stuff like tests coming up or whatever), it gets much worse and i feel dizzy thinking about my stress. I feel overwhelmed so I cannot even listen to my instrucor in class I just get all these thoughts racing and its so hard to cope with! Genetic it may be idk? but i know i can control it or aleviate it. Anything you can add will help.

ask.deban answers:

As ridiculous as it sounds, I think you should try breathing exercises.
In through the mouth, out through the nose, deep breaths.
The people around you are/have been at one point JUST as nervous and anxious as you are.
Instead of trying to focus on being coherent, focus on the people you are trying to be coherent FOR.
You are just a person in a world full of people, and are worth no more and no less than anyone else.
You also may want to find the one hobby that just thrills you to pieces.
For instance, my hobby is music.
When a musician hits an inexplicable point in a song, and the energy is just pristine, I’m in a completely different universe.
Find your universe, it may help.
Good luck!

John asks…

Do you know of any ways to manage depression/anxiety without medication?

I have such bad anxiety that it usually causes me to get depressed because I just get so overwhelmed. I’ve been such a Debbie Downer lately, and I don’t know how to fix it. I’m just wound up so tight that I eventually fall apart. What methods have you guys used to lessen your anxiety/and or depression without medication?
And it’s definitely not seasonal depression…It happens all year round.

ask.deban answers:

Try fish oil pills or have a meal with fish a few times a week. The mercury in the fish helps to balance out the serotonin in the brain.

Also some people have seasonal depression. Lighting helps simulate summer which is a better time of year. So add brighter bulbs to you house, maybe get more lamps. Candles can be depressing as colored bulbs too so stick with white sixty watt bulbs.

Also keep moving. Dance around to your favorite music or video dance game. Throw yourself into it.

Another thing is make a list of things to be done. Then check it every few days and cross stuff off. It will feel like an accomplishment versus a burden. Don’t check it everyday or else you’ll always feel behind the eight ball and make sure you have doable stuff on the list alongside the big tasks. Like clean den and get rid of old clothes. Should be hand in hand with wash dishes and vacuum. Two out of four means you have completed 50% of the list. Not bad for a depressive.

Learn to meditate or read more frequently as an escape. You only need a few minutes to read a chapter or to do some deep breathing. Once you learn to meditate take a yoga class or tai chi. Anything to get you out of the house and around ppl that will dispel the depression to move around.

Mandy asks…

Atheists how do manage your anxieties?

I’m not saying I’m not capable and I do the best i can but i would be a liar if i were say to anybody i have none. There was a time back in late 2006 I spun out of control I was doing a lot of harm to myself by gambling everyday at the track ( I did it for 3 years prior) . By 2007 it became problematic and I did have to get treatment for it. To be honest with you the people I met in treatment plus my failure did lead me to try and find a spiritual answer . It’s true you just never now where you’ll end up I went from one thing to another and was ready to listen . Now I’m not dumb the young atheists are going to give me a snotty answer (expected) Can’t blame them they haven’t lived long enough but any how for the passionate atheists and logical ones who went through something similar…how do you cope with life anxieties from an atheists standpoint…..more power to you.

jerry I miss Pink here
I know you have to be your own psychologist answer #2 makes sense
I don’t need people like you tiberius sorry lol
Like I said young atheists who haven’t been dealt with a tough hand

okay you proved me wrong for now

ask.deban answers:

Anxiety over that which has no logical basis is Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

If you can’t cope with reality, that is a form of mental illness and for that, we have modern medical treatments ranging from medication to hundreds of forms of therapy to help you overcome your problems.

Addiction is a product of the genetic predisposition for addiction… It doesn’t matter if it is smoking crack, drinking alcohol, sex, or gambling…

If you did not posses the series of genetic factors that are colloquially called “The Addiction Gene”, you would not be capable of becoming addicted.

Addiction medicine has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last 15 years and it is understood that it is a problem with THE BRAIN that causes you to crave that which leads to negative consequences.

AA or another form of 12-Step Program is a way to help cope with your FLAWED BIOLOGY but there are many roads to being able to overcome your biological shortcomings.

You can’t just “Will Away” the addiction by asking “Jesus” or “Allah” or “Harry Potter” to make you strong…

You need to seek proper medical treatment for your BIOLOGICAL PROBLEMS.

I recommend you read a book called “Cracked: Putting Broken Lives Back Together Again” by Doctor Drew Pinsky.

By resorting to insane mythology to help with a biological condition is like saying that you can kill someone by putting pins in a doll.

Why not take advantage of modern medicine when we KNOW that mental illness is not caused by “Demons”?

Check out here


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